Trump must be Indicted

Monday October 17th, 2022, The weather here where I live has begun to change, leaves are falling and fall is upon us all. It is a great time for taking photos for sure of the beauty of nature itself at it’s best.

As the month moves along, I watch the politics of America and it’s economical status also for as prices rise, my income does not, because i am disabled and on Disability and Social Security these days. I may have to make choices and cut back on things to watch or other things, but time shall tell, soon enough.

Now, lets discuss what I call the Trump Fiasco, all the crimes of one Donald John Trump. The Trump Organization has been cheating and ripping off contractors for decades now and he gets richer by doing it. Then you add in his failures in selling steaks, water and more and you go what the hell! Then he comes down his escalator in his Tower, like a King and declares a run for the Pesidency, and people actually buy it and elect him? I was like wow, this is gonna be awfulf or America. I have friend who resided in New York, who knew all about Donald John Trump, they told me New Yorkers know what a piece of shit he is and con man. Yet he got elected President. Sad.

Lets look at his Presidency now, did he accomplish anything in his four years, no! He passed a tax bill that benefitted himself and his rich friends, is all. He failed to build the wall, he failed at all he touched, he lowered America’s reputation in the world, he got laughed at at the United Nations. Then he goes to Russia and gets pushed around and used by Putin and then he is dumb enough to go to North Korea and stand next to a dictator and call him his great friend. He is so dumb he elevated North Korea to the world stage and gave then a seat at the table.

Now, he runs for re-election, is told he is going to lose so he hatches up a plan to oveturn the election! He determined months before the election, he would declare he won! So, he falsely, claims a win and then plots an insurrection against his own government and sets up a riot on the US Capital! He refused to step aside for a peaceful passing of power from one President to another. He never admits he lost and sets up a plot to try to change the electoral vote count and prevent it from being certified. Sad.

He fails at his plot, is forced out of office and goes home and when he does, he takes with him documents he has no business having, and hides them. When he is caught, and notified he must return all documents he dodges, hides and doesn’t return them. Then, The Department of Justice is notified and they get involved and ask first for the documents back, he gives up 21 boxes or so and hides the rest. The Department of Justice is notified he has a lot more in his possession and they then go to Mar A Lago and find his storage room for these documents, tell him to lock the room and they are coming back. He locks the room and then orders others to move documents around and hides them in his residence. Then comes the supeona and the search in August. Boxes and boxes are then taken from him and they find empty secret and top secret documents and empty folders. What was Donald John Trump doing with these documents, why did he take them, who did he show them to and for what purpose? He had Chineese, Japeneense and other vistors at his Mar A Lago Estate many times roaming his home and property. You can bet one or more of them saw these documents, in someway. Now, Trump goes into delaying tactics and knows he is in deep trouble so lawyers get hired, and they push the whole mess to the Supreme Court, where the Supreme Court says no thanks, we are not getting involved. So, what is next is my question, beside delay, delay, delay from Trump?

I havea few suggestions here, 1) Congress, both houses Senate and House of Representatives have the power to ban Donald John Trump from ever running for a public office in America again, they should do so immediately. 2) The Department of Justice now has the documents and a trail on them, where they were. They need to compile their case against Donald J. Trump for Obsruction of Justice, Treason, Sedition, and violence against the American people and Governement. 3) Mereck Garland must stop being worried about political correctness or being nice about any of this. No stopping his cases for the mid-terms please, barg through and Indict Donald John Trump now. 4) Use all documents and information from The January 6th, Committee, to help convict him. 5) Stop being scared and afraid of Trump and his follwers, they threaten and try to scare DOJ from Indicting Trump, DOJ just needs to ignore their bullshit. 6) In the end, Donald John Trump is a criminal in all ways, a con man, a traitor and a danger to our country and way of life and our constitution and republic and democracy!

I ask now Americans, is Equal Justice for all real in America anymore, or just because you run and win the Presidency, you can avoid it? If it was you or me who did all Trump did, you would never see daylight for the rest of your life? I have studied and know of the Rosenbergs and their trial and executions, I have seen the woman who took one secret document home, get five years in prison for doing so, I submit if she got five years, for one document, Trump had hundreds, should he get five years for each one he had?

He will claim Executive Privilage, but he has none, once A President leaves office he loses it. He will take the fifth I am sure hundreds of time if he testifies and i doubt he will. In the end, the Department of Justice has a job to do and that is to hold up the laws of this land of America. They need to press forward, Indict Donald, J. Trump, charge and arrest him, and lets give him his chance to defend himself in court like the rest of us. Pull him before the January 6th, Committmee, and in front of a Judge on National Television so we can see him answer the questions. I want the truth, I want him convicted and it done legally and an example made of him, to prevent what happened from ever happening again in America! Donald J. Trump must face the same Justice System you or I would have to. If not, then our American Justice system is a fallicy, and it is only for the common man or woman, not for the rich. And that is dead wrong in America! I ask folks, if you believe Donald John Trump needs to face Justice publically like you or I would have to and should be Indicted, Charged and put on public Trial tell Congress and Justice to act now!

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