Lock Him Up, Lock up Donald J. Trump, Lock Him Up!

As time goes on now for all of us, The Trump Maga, and Trump himself still cause more trouble than they are worth.

Today Donald J. Trump, is in court once more, this time overa civil suit, over a rape allegation. Now he can say all he wants about the Carrol woman not being his type, but he better be able to prove he did not rape or even touch her. If he doesn’t have a solid alibi for the day in question and she has his DNA, well he can be charged also. This is one case Trump is involved in.

New York goes after Trump and his Organization, Georgia is investigating Trump, Than we have Jaunuary 6th committee too. Trump is damgerous all very dangerous. He planned the attack on the capital, he ked the inssurection, seditious act, and took secret and top secret documents from Washington to his home. What did he need them for or have them for is my question. What was Trump’s purpose in taking these secret and above documents? Who saw them and why? Where are the documents that were in the empty folders now? Did Trump take these documents for his own purposes or to show them to others? Did the Chineese see them, at Mar A lago, or North Koreans? Did he take them to blackmail our country or show them to Putin? The real question for me is not that Trump did all he did, but, why he is not in prison right now?

With all Trump has done and been charged with and investigated for, why is he not Indicted, charged and arrested? if there was any reason for him not to be indicted or charged, it would be surprising to me. What is the hold up with the Department of Justice, why havent they indicted, Donald J. Trump?

I know and have heard of the Election avoidance issue, but Trump is not on the Midterm ballot! Then, I hear Department of Justice is scared of Trump, if that is the case, and Department of Justice is scared, what does it mean for the Equal Justice for All, we have in America?

I remind all, Trump has no Executive Priviledge, he is just a common American Citizen now. He should answer to the same laws all Americans must face, he is not special! Taking secret and above documents from Washington to his own home, is just crazy, but he did so, the question is why?

What do I want to see happen to Donald John Trump? Just do what was done to the Rosenbergs and to the woman who took one secret document home, arrest him and charge him and put him on public trial. I want to see Donald John Trump face criminal charges for Obstruction of Justice, Sedition, Insurrection, damages to the capital and more. I want his Trump Organization shut down by New York, his money tracked and his business permits and licenses killed.

I want to tell all what I think and i have a right to express them publically. Trump was the worse President in American History. He rallied hate and caused damage to our country and still is doing do today. I would love to see Trump indicted, charged, arrested and put on public trial. I beieve out country has have traitors before, Rosenbergs, Benedict Arnold and others. I submit my opinion here, Donald John Trump is a bigger traitor to America, than Benedict Arnold was. Trump needs to be blocked from hold any public office in America ever again, during his lifetime and mine, or basically forever. Trump should be relieved of his pension and his medical coverage period, and his security, we are paying for all of the mentioned, for a man who attacked his own country and still does today.

I understand courts take time and the Justice System in America moves slowly. SO I recommend that, 1) Congress ban Trump from holding any public office in America. Congress has the power to do so and should. 2) The Justice Department needs to fast pace the cases against Donald J. Trump and so should Georgia and New York in their cases too. Trump is getting older now and he needs to be indicted and charged before he dies. Holding off is not the way to go Department of Justice, New York and Georgia.

Trump needs indicted, charged and arrested and put on public Trial for all to see. I believe a chant should be heard now in America, Lock Him Up, Lock up Donald J. Trump, Lock Him Up!

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