What is so great about Donald J. Trump that these individuals, find him so fascinating that they kow tow to him?

Democratic Government, The Republic, Our Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and Freedom, we have all of the above, due to the way our country was put together, by our forefathers. We owe our way of life to an ideal, and the thought that all men were created equal, even if we mess up at times, on that part as we have in history.

Yet, as time goes on today and I watch the news I wonder why, people don’t care anymore, why, they back fools, tyrants, outright assholes and more, with their votes. Why they don’t think before they vote or why some don’t vote to be heard. People are indifferent, they avoid voting, or they don’t watch the news or listen. Do these people who are indifferent, or non-caring really understand that this country was built on the right to vote and freedom of speech? Why don’t people understand or care anymore?

As wars ravage the world for different reasons and other nations struggle to keep existing, America is still a shinning star on the world stage. But that star is dimming due to the lackluster feelings and attitude of it’s people, we are spoiled. We even in times of heading into recession, think we can do what we want as we want and do not realize we are killing our nation and our own wallets so to say.

Listen to me America, Americans, Our Forefathers built us a republic, and as Ben Franklin said “We shall have this Republic for as long as we the people work to keep it, once we do not do so, our republic shall fall” IT is now 246 years later, and we have the republic still, but it now teeters on the possibility of falling apart. Political Crime is killing us, followers of dictator types. Listen we need leadership yes, we need knowledge yes, we need dedication to country and liberty. What we don’t need is a selfish, narscistic, con man running for President again! I see people talking like Donald J. Trump is going to run for President again, and let me tell you it scares me to death.

Before, I go further let me say this straight up, Donald J. Trump, is a criminal, a con man. a failure at selling water, and steaks, and he cheated so many contractors in his life they don’t want to deal with him anymore. He failed as a President, he then would not concede the election he lost, he incited a insurrection, a riot on the capital, say by and watched it happen on television and stood by for hours. Then, when he could not stop the electoral votes from being certified, he left office, taking secret and above documents to his home in Mar a Lago for what reason? Trump’s crimes climb daily and in my mind he belongs behind bars not sitting in Mar A Lago eating steaks and drinking wine on America’s dime! Why are we providing Trump with security and a pension and medical benefits, he failed to do his job as President and the Leader of the Free world while in Office. He fails and is a tyrant in a suit, who thinks he is better than all others.

As we approach the MId-Term Elections and the six or seven cases against Donald J. Trump go forward, we must come to realize, how dangerous he is. He asked if people could drink bleach to destroy covid, can you believe that shit? But, that alone is not stupid enough to stop his blind followers, it should have been though. Before you run to the polls and vote this mid-term, stop and think what you are doing when you vote for republicans who believe Trump won in 2020. If they still believe he won and are still backing him today, they are not considering the facts, like his inciting insurrection, the attack on the capital, the non-concedeing of the election he lost, the lies he has told. They are not paying attention to the fact he stole secret and top secret documents and took them to Mar A Lago. Why? What was his purpose in taking said documents , he had no purpose other than to show them to someone else or to blackmail America so the country would not go after him for his crimes. What other purpose would Trump have to have these documents in his possession? Who saw these documents while they were in Mar A Lago, they were available and accessable and not secure. he had chinese and others there for visits.

Yet, we have many Republicans trying to back him to run for President again in 2024. These Republicans back his lies about the 2020 election, they kiss his ass, because no other republican has the balls or audacity to stand up to him and push him out of the leadership position for that party. Sadly, I ask once more, What is so great about Donald J. Trump that these individuals, find him so fascinating that they kow tow to him, ignore his crimes against his own country and continue to back him? What hold does Donald Trump have on these Republicans? I remind all, Donald J. Trump had his followers and supporters, build a gallows on the White House Lawns, to hang his own Vice President MIke Pence! Be real here folks, Donald J. Trump is a criminal, he is a danger to America, The Republic we live under, and he is in fact a traitor to his own country! Where are all the documents that were in all those empty folders marked secret or top secret? What other documents does he have and where are they?

The Department of Justice wants back in Mar A Lago to check for more documents they believe he is hiding. If they do search his Mar A Lago for documents they probally won’t find the documents there, more then likely they are moved to a new location. The Department of Justice should ask for a Search Warrant for all properties owned or rented by Donald J. Trump or his companies. Where did the missing documents go, why so many empty security folders? Too many questions exist here, and to back Trump for President is assine, foolish, dangerous and overall criminal for any republican out there to do. If they do back him and espouse his Election Lies, then they need voted out of office also in the mid-terms, for they are too short sited to see the dangers he brings or their beliefs bring to our Republic. Let me say this to all who do not vote, get off your ass and save this republic, vote out the Republicans who believeina nd back Trump. Save this country, or else we shall end up a Country run by a Dictator, and criminal, and our rights to freedom or speech, to vote and more shall disappear.

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