Sunday has arrived, Some Reflections 10/23/2022

Sunday has arrived folks, October is rolling on by, we are now on the 23rd, already. Seems to me the older I get the faster time slips by me. No one can control Father Time folks, not even Mother Nature even with their forever relationship they have. It ticks on and on no matter how much we may want it to stop or slow down. We age and the planet does too, it’s an interconnection between mankind and the planet we live on, our internal clocks keep ticking till, it is our time.

You see, we are a part of the galaxy and universe also out there and out here among the stars. Earth circles it’s sun and it’s moon follows and we are lucky to be on earth for it provides us with all we need. Yet mankind misuses and abuses the planet we live on and when it revolts or fights back by way of hurricances and tornados and storms, we moan and cry and overcome and rebuild anyway. One thing mankind is , is persistant and inventive, if anything at all. We invent items to make our way of life easier and more fun and to keep us busy too.

We did not invent the differences between the sexes, or the colors of our skins, or differences between nations and races. But we mainpilate and try to use them either for our own purposes, or for political gain and that is sad folks. I remind all, we are all humans, at least mankind wise, it does not matter what nationality you are, what color your skin is, or what race you belong to, we all laugh, we all cry, we all have joy, pain, misery. We all eat, we all drink, we all sleep and rise the same each day. We all love and we all hate, we all do the same things daily, we shower, we brush our teeth, we clean our homes and cars, we show pride in what we earn and we tend to learn and grow as people each day. I do not care what color your skin is, nor what race you are, or where you are from, what I care about and you should too, is how we treat each other as human beings. You respect me, and i will respect you, you slow down and have patienance and i will too. It is the interaction between humans that keeps us going, for no man, or nation is an island unto themselves or itself, we belong to the world and are only small parts of it. I hope that makes sense to all who read this, for if you hit us, cut us or treat us wrong we all strive to fight back and stop it from happening to us. It is human nature folks. I hope i make my point, but if I haven’t yet, perhaps one simple fact will make it plain for all, we all eat, we all urinate and we all shit, for we must, it doesn’r matter what color you are or race you are or where you are from, it’s just a fact, live with it and carry on.

Be polite, be nice, get along with all. Yes we have political differences, we have religious differences, and differences in how we view things. In the end though, we are all the same, we make our difference not the color of our skins, or races or anything else. We do it, it’s called decision making, you have to be foolish not to see that no matter who you are. See it, realize it, set it aside and accept people for who they are as people, and lets make mankind better by doing so.

Now onward, as I sit alone typing this and thinking it out early in my am here. I used to have a wife, I would bounce things off of, but I lost her to cancer after her 16 years fight with it, in 2021. I also fought cancer myself and still worry about it, in 2013, surviving lung cancer, by losing a lobe and one third of my right lung. We need to unite as mankind and fight such diseases, untill we eradicate them, all of them. Will we ever be able to, I do not know, but I have hope mankind is smart enough to see, cancer like many diseases does not care what color you are, what nationality you are or what race you are, neither do, other diseases out there like parkinsons, MS, and more. We can not be superman, or superwomen, when it is our own bodies that turn on us, or go bad. But, we can resist, fight back, and fight them as one, that is what mankind is best at folks, uniting when needed. I know as I age, the human body has it’s limits in many ways, parts go wrong and do not always work right, we need medications, theraphies, Doctors and hospitals to survive. So, mankind should take care of it’s own, but to do so, means making it all affordable for all of us too. What gets in mankinds way, most of the time, I have seen in my life, greed, the lust for power and position, jealousy, and anger. We all suffer from it, because we all want to have the best of everything, yet not everyone can, so we jostle, we fight, we argue, we yell, we scream and we compete. In the end, to get what we want, because we are so needy or greedy, we will stomp out each other if we can, stop and think folks, is it worth it, to eliminate your fellow man for such things in life? I remind all sharing is caring, smiles.

It is now 7;36 am on a quiet Sunday Morning here in Westborough, Ma.. The sun has risen now, the dogs are waking up, and so is mankind in general. I live in a 55 plus condo community these days. Yes I have my own condo to myself at 956 square feet big. I mind my own business daily, I read, I write, I build puzzles, I walk a lot, I walk to the lake here, or go to the clubhouse at times. I try to interact with those i can as i do, for the older i get, the more alone I feel, my wife as I said has been gone now for over 14 months. I miss her company, our converstaions, our closeness we had, the laughter we shared, the interaction we had, it is just a natural lose I know for all of us pass on, but it does not allieviate the feeling of loneliness I get. When you live with someone for 28 years, and you know what they want each day and how to care for them and you do so out of love, and then suddenly they are gone, it does leave a hole in your life, you do not hurry to fill.

I watched when younger how, my parents who raised me were, Constant fighting, yelling and clashes daily. But I also watched how they stayed together, how they clung to one another through it all and made it work. When my step-father died, I watched how my mother his partner for 40 years, tried to hang on and keep going, and couldn’t, so she died one year and one day after he did. They rest in peace now together for eternity. I admired the fact they didn’t seperate in the end, even when they divorced, they stayed in the same home till they died. They accomplished things no one in their families thought they ever would. In the end though the truth is, it was all life to them, it was how they were, you can’t change human nature or how people act or who they love or hate, but you can observe and learn from it all.

Anyway life’s lessons are always in front of us folks, the biggest things to overcome in life are 1) Trust, learning to trust another person. 2) Giving Respect as you recieve it. Being Honest, 3) Do not do to others what you do not want done to you! The world is a big place yes folks, but do us all a favor, if you can’t do the above three things for all you meet, then get away from who you can’t do it with and leave them be. Second thing I will tell you is learn to say I am sorry, and admit when your wrong, and life gets easier and it goes on. Life teaches us these things. Learn!

Anyway, that is refelecting on life’s little things this am for me. Let me say this to all, yes I usually spout about politics, and Trump, this week, as the Powers of Justice march forward and the news on that front carries on, I await what the results shall be as I watch. People do things for selfish reasons and we all know it too. So Let me say this to all, do not hate the person or a person, and I don’t, what I do dislike and hate is what was done by this person to all of America. So, I just want the American Justice System to do it’s job in this case, and to remember Equal Justice for All, and no exceptions no matter power, position or riches, Thank You!

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