Life is not all roses and cream folks

Monday has arrived folks. October 24th, 2022, is rainy here and overcast. The news talks of Trump, RSV cases in children and politics world wide and here in the US. The talk and news at times is depressing, bad, angry and of wars and deaths. What I wonder is when will there be good news ever again. The Economic news sucks world wide and here at home too. I know it is depressing in the world and i wish I could change it all, but one man or woman does not have such power to do so.

Headlines revolve around The January 6th, Committee, The MId-term elections, Trump cases, economic problems and people dying in wars across the globe. I wonde rmany times a day, when the hell will anything good be reported. I hope for it all, but it does not come.

As time ticks on, and it does steady, I wonde rhow long I have left in my life. At 66, I just look forward to getting thru each day and keep a roof over my head. Pay my bills do what I can here and there, find things to do like puzzles, books to read, walking, pool playing and bowling so far. I try to think of things to keep my mind active and my body moving as much as i can, rainy days screw me up though. Fall is rolling along and winte ris coming soon it seems, we will have snow.

I keep looking for places to go and things to do in my area of Westborough, Ma. here. I am not a bar person, so every once in a while i may stop in one for a beer or drink and to see who is around. Being new to the area and state, I am trying to ease into the lifestyle here if i can. Hard though to find people in my age range who are single, I am a widower so, I am alone in life these days.

So, between the world news of wars, politics and economic bad news, it gets depressing for me. It doesn’t help when your in a new area and it takes time to meet people, but for me, I am not a drinker, so I try bowling, and pool playing and walking malls and where I live.

Do I want things to happen yes i do. I would love the economy to turn around, I would love to see Trump get arrested and jailed. I would love to see and meet a woman I can enjoy life with so I am not alone anymore, but, I can’t force anything at all. So, I walk around CHauncy Lake area, watch people play pickleball,, I play pool, I bowl, and read al ot too. Life seems to be a steady pace each day of the same things happening for me. Nothing new do I find. I am learning as I age, you can want many things and you can get what money can buy, but it is the non-affordable items or intangables that count most. Having someone to share experiences, talk to, communicate to and live with is not easy to find at 66 years old for me. I don’t rush into anythoing really,a nd i never did learn to flirt. Ah well life shall go on.

I write blogs like these and sometimes poetry when in the mood. Stories I basically can’t keep on subject long enough to write a book, so I basically these days, try to avoid trying it. Walking the Mall is ok when I feel good or my back is not acting up. Do I need much, naw I think I have all I need including anew home, furniture and car and electronic devices abound around me. I even have the newest XBox for gaming purposes, to take up time for me.

I have found it takes time to make friends, and I have had many in my life, but when my wife passed, I decided I had to get away from where she died and sold the house and moved to a new state and area. I left behind a lot of friends, but I couldn’t take being reminded of her and where she died and how. I break down when I go thru it in my mind. So, I try to move on and hold onto the good memories and forget anything that wasn’t good for us both. I shall always love her, even tho she is gone from this plane of existence, but, as she told me before she died, she wanted me to live again before I join her. She told me to try to move on and I am doing what I can in my own heart and mind at this point.

Whats next for me, I do not know, I get lonely, I get depressed at times, I ache daily from injuries from my naval service, neck and back. I suffer from PTSD and more, but I refuse to lay down and die. I wil press forward for as long as I can, surrender is not a word I really understand. I have seen people committ suicide and take their own lives, it is sad and leaves holes in people’s lives who loved them, they have no time to prepare for it, and it hurts deeply, those around it.

So, I walk, and do the best I can to keep going and stay alive. I do not accept those who just want things from me like my money. I se ethem coming from far away when it happens and I leave fast. DOn’t tryto use me, steal from me, because I see you coming when you do.

As time goes on I tend to get a lil more paranoid and carefull, but most who age do too. We do so to preserve what we worked so hard to accomplish in our lives. I recommend for the younger generations, do what you love most, enjoy the time you have when healthy, love, care, share, and in the end live your life to the best you know how. Life is not all roses and cream folks, but, as long as you are here, carry on the best you can and enjoy, for life is too short for anything else.

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