Don’t deadlock the Government please!

Some things in the world are worth the time to discuss and some are better left not being talked about. Yet in America, we are basing our lives on things like murders, political pundits and politicians who go bad, or were always bad and no one noticed. Now, that being said I have a few things I basically wonder to myself, why the hello are they possible and why doesn’t someone change them.

We can fight covid, and diseases, we fight cancer and illnesses daily in the world. Then we run dead into politics and everything goes haywire and wrong. We don’t need politicians who are corrupt or ultra conservative, or ultra liberal either. What America needs, are politicians who can cross the lines and get along period. We have too much at stake as a Country for them to be holding useless, senseless fights and stopping any help coming from Congress that is needed. Sadly, the political lines are drawn and we end up fighting one another, instead of facing the real issues and solving them. We need our Senators and Representatives working on the issues needing to be solved in a better way then they are now.

I have watched the news, I see the diseases we are fighting, I see the political turmoil in Washington and the economic mess of recession coming at us daily. I see the world still turning, but nature is what runs it. We can’t continue to fight each other politically, and still survive, for if the politicians of Amerca continue on this divide they are on a destructive course. Sadly, no one wants to understand what I am saying here. It is one thing to be divided politically, but to get things done someone, one party or the other must compromise for the good of the people.

The Supreme Court, has no business in the Investigation of The January 6th, Attack on our capital. To block and stop Graham from testifyinhg, in Georga is wrong. You are preventing Justice from going forward, Judge Thomas and you should recuse yourself period. Your wife is involved in this Insurrection against our governement, recuse yourself and get out of the way. Let the process happen and lets get the truth, by allowing the Testimony of Graham to happen. The Justices of The Supreme Court have no business in the State of Georgia’s busines and this case in particular and you know it Thomas, yet you have interfered in it all now.

That being said, next issue on my mind. The Investigations surrounding Donald Trump should disqualify him from running for any public office, period. I have now lost count of how many cases there are now being investigated surrounding Trump. Lets finish them all, by completing them fully and properly please. Congress has the power to disqualify Donald Trump from being on any ballot for public office and that should be done now. At the least, Congress, should not allow Trump to run, no one else has this many current investigations involving them going on, it’s just morally, ethically wrong, for him to be able to rerun for the presidency. Congress must stop him. Why are they not doing so, you tell me ! If the Republicans can not get a better candidate for President other than Donald Trump, then it is a sorry statement on the status of their party and it’s leadership. Are they really going to sit there and let Trump divide and destroy their own party and the nation? Wake up now!

The world has economic problems, wars happening, and political turmoil everywhere. Isn’t it time for Americans to take control again and solve our own problems first. We are not the whole world’s police force, nor are we the ones who should be telling everyone what to do. We have to start first here at home, not overseas somewhere. As one man said, before you stick your nose in someone else’s business, get your own under control first. We do not want to be a Dictator led Nation, we do not need Nazi bullshit, we do not need Authorism either. We are a Democratic, republic folks, we vote to choose leaders. Choice is always the basis we go on and need to keep it that way. Majority will rule at the Voting Polls to, yes I know. Listen, before you go to the Voting Booths stop and think, which way the winds are blowing, what issues are at stake and what will happen if you vote one party control of the Senate and another the House or Representatives, or divide the country worse than it is currently. The more you divide the worse the results for all of us in America. Or in the end because we the voters have divided all of it, nothing gets done, and the nation freezes in one place and position nothing advances or improves. So we end up going no where, and improving nothing. It’s sad to see. Can we just get together, and do things that will improve our economy, and basic principals for all Americans. Leave Social Security alone, leave Medicare alone and Medicaid too. Don’t kill things that help people, cut wasteful spending yes, but not things so vital here. We need healthcare for all, including dental and prescriptions. We need to come together to help each other, not sit here and divide and fight.

Well I have ranted some here and I have tried to just let some of it off my chest. We need gun control laws. we need to prove that Justice For All is not just a slogan, and we need to treat all equal under Justice and our laws too. Trump is an ex-president now, and he should never be allowed near a public office again.

So do me a favor America, before you run to the polls, stop and think about what your voting on, each issue and each candidate too. Please remember, the more you divide, the worse it will get for all of us. Deadlocks stop any advances or help for the common citizens, like you or me. Don’t deadlock the Government please!

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