Block Trump from holding any public office now!

Sunday is upon us, as October rolls to it’s end tomorrow. Halloween is tomorrow so I stay home na dhide in my condo, whats nice is no one will be lookingf or candy from me.

October is tolling to it’s end and winter is coming in soon enough. I am now 14 going on 15 months without my wife who passed in August of 2021. I am trying to adjust my life without her with me, it has not been easy. I sold the home we had and all that went with it, and moved away from where she passed. I bought a new condo and new furniture and more. Changing my life from a married man to a widower who is now a bachelor again has not been easy. I am not a very outgoing individual so, I basically stay to myself. I do play pool on mOnday evenings, then Bowl now on Thursday Evenings. I get some people who are married trying to point out which ladies are single around me and trying to play matchmaker lol. I just go slow, be me and se what happens i am not jumping into anything, no hurry.

I watch my football and basketball when i can on television and walk alot these days when I feel good. I read and build puzzles and basically stay steady. As to wheither i will date anyone of not, well I don’t know right now. I saw one woman twice, but, it wasn’t a good match in my mind, so I ended that quickly. I met a second, but, again, she is a nice person just not my type, nor was I hers. I do understand it will more than likely be a long time for me and I will be lonely, but, I refuse to rush into anything. I guess you can say, I believe in the song Elvis sang, Only Fools Rush In!

As to the news it is sad to see people so violent in America;s society. Mr. Pelosi being attacked is an atrocity and a shame on the American culture and asa nation period. The MAGA Movement, and DOnald trump inciting this kind of violence is a shame on the American public and the Republican party. The Republicans are still backing Trump’s bullshit lies and that in and of itself is sad. Trump lost get over it, take your anger and shove it, Trump is not your savior Republicans! Look he failed at selling water, steaks, education and more before he was President, He failed as a President in all ways, he never built his wall. He passed a tax bill to benefit himself and his rich cohorts, but nothing more. Then he refused to concede the Election loss, tried to block it’s certification, incited a riot an dinsurrection, and then stle secret and top secret documents, and this is the Republicans Leader rnow?

Trump needs arrested, for his crimes, the documents need retrived and the nation of his Maga people need to calm down and realize, they are following a criminal. The Proud Boys, OathKeepers and more need to come to realize, they are going to prison for what Trump told them to do, while Trump is sitting in Mar A Lago, living the high life, with secret service protection, and a pension and full medical coverage. He eats steaks, while the followers he incited and told what to do sit in jail cells and eat oatmeal and mush. Sad. Yet the OathKeepers and Proud Boys and more all still blindly follow this man, why? Are you so blind, or just totally stupid that you can’t see he is using all of you to get his way and keep pressure on all. What Trump wants is to be able to run again, and he thinks if he does they can’t come after him, so Congress needs to blaock him from running period they can do that under laws. Block Trump from ever holding a public office, on the vasis of insureection, inciting a riot and tratorist actions. If Congress doesn’t like Mr. Pelosi being attacked and beaten with a hammer then, they need to cut the cause off at the knees, stop and block Trump from holding any Pub;lic Office in America, and remove him from the ballots.

Before I end this today, I want to stress to all, Mr. Paul Pelosi is a private citizen and the husband of Nancy Pelosi yes, but he has nothing to do with any action in Washington or Politics. He has nothing to do with Qanon, Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, or The January 6th, In the end let me say this,. He has nothing to do with Trump, either. He was minding his own business and came under attack, that folks can now happen to anyone, as long as these people belive Trump’s lies. he needs blocked from ever running again and the FBI must go after these Maga based and backed Trump protectors and believers. I understand political differences, I understand disagreements, I do not condone or think anyone else should condone or allow this violence to continue. Congress must act, and that mean both sides of the political spectrum and block him now. Block Trump from holding any public office now!

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