I am hoping and praying for America and it’s future

Welcome to Halloween, 2022 folks! October is now coming to an ending today, and the year is flying by. Each day seems to pass more quickly then the one before it for me. Being a single man again, after my wife’s passing in 2021, is like trying to hunt and peck my way through a story and world I never knew before. It is filled with things I never had to deal with before, because i had a wife. Cleaning, Laundry, Housework, then of course finding ways to entertain myself. Life is way to short and we live it only once, my guess is we are here to live it fully, and just not harm anyone else ever. At least from my point of view it is.

Being single again, is like learning to walk and chew gum on my own all over again. I admire the ladies, always have from a distance and I talk to everyone i can when I see them. I guess, I am set in my ways and I do not rush into any relationships. One friend, looked at me and said there are a lot of single women right over there, and pointed them out tp me on bowling nite. Asked me what is taking me so long? LOL! My response if she ever heard it would probally make her laugh, because I wouldn’t know how to approach a woman these days, I never did learn to flirt. I basically keep to myself and always have, how did i get married twice some would ask, I really can’t tell you.

My first wife I met in The Navy and it was through playing pool and through music. I was single and 24, carried a cassette deck with me and my music where ever I went in those days. The Music attracted my first wife and so did my teaching her pool and w ehad the same job in the Navy.

My Second wife well, I was recently divorced, and alone again and music played a part there too. I got lonely and wnet to a Singles Dance, sa wher one night and just asked her to dance. It led me to 28 years with her, and a second marriage that I still miss today. But, I could only sit by, as she suffered from cancer and take care of her for 16 years, until she passed. I wish I could have saved her, but cancer is a killer and sadly we lost her battle with it. In the meantime I had cancer in the middle myself and survived also.

So today I live a state away from where i did with her, I sold the home we shared, and all in it and started in a brand new condo. I try to wake up each morning and look for things to do, for I am a disabled veteran, and retired. I walk alot whenI can for exercise, I read alot, I build puzzles, watch television, and these days I have found playing pool fun on monday nites and on Thursdays it is bowling time for now. I try to attend some functions at the Clubhouse here in my Condo neighborhood and interact the best I can with others.

Medically I am a walking miracle and know it. I survived cancer, I have six herniated discs, and I continue on trying to stay as healthy as i can under my circumstances. I sometimes play X-Box games, and of course chat online. Life is a slow lackadaisal pace right now, and winter is coming again and it wil be my first one alone.

I have tried to get back out there socially the best I can, but I feel lonely and out of place now a days. I even tried a few bars and walking the mall some too. I keep looking to meet new people and trying to hope to find a purpose for myself these days. It a floundering feeling of what is next and how do I keep going. I am not sure if that makes sense, but to me that is how I feel these days.

I write blogs like this one and on politics and watrch the news. I can not fanthom the Woke Crowd thing that exists today, never will understand it. The hate atmosphere in America now is sad to see. People angry all the time, shootings, attacks on schools and politicains and their families. The Trump Maga Crowd is a sad sight to see, and I can not understand, why people follow Donald J. Trump so blindly. I have seen many Presidents now in my lifetime, and never have I seen one as bad as Trump was and is as a person. And yes it is my opinion and yes do not like the MAGA Movement, the Woke Movement, or Trumpism. It’s a sad reflection on the mentality and social structure of America, and should make all ashamed of what Trump has done an dhis movement too. The hate, violence, and attacks on American Democracy, our Republic and society is a shame. yet all who follow Trump, like The OathKeepers, Qanon, Proud Boys and Maga’s don’t stop to realize they are killing our country and all it stands for. In the meantime now, since the January 6th attack on our Capital at Trump’s direction the OathKeepers, Qanon, and Proud Boys are all going to peison becoming felons as Trump keeps directing them, and sits in his Mar A Lago compund happy eating steaks and drinking wine and playing golf and having parties. DO these Maga followers, OathKeepers, Qanon and Proud Boys know, they are now felons, they lose the right to vote, have recors and will have to live with the convictions they are recieving and struggle to get by? Nope seems like they don’t for they just keeping doing as Trump tells them, like blind mice running into a maze with a saw at it’s end that cuts them up. It’s a sad site to see.

As a Veteran who is disabled and who served 16 years in the military, protectiong and defending this country, I am sad to see, this violence, this MAGA bullshit and Woke Crowd crap. Listen, America is great, it’s always been great, if it wasn’t all of the MAGA, Woke Crown and these organizations would not be allowed to exist. If this were Russia or China, or North Korea or Iran, they would be all killed off and gone by now. Those governements would wipe them out in nayway they can, yet, since we area republic and a democracy we let them keep existing. We shouldn’t, yet we do, because we believein feedoms no one else has in the world except America. I fought for the right to vote, for a right to my own religion, for freedom of speech, and to keep those i love alive and happy. Many of us Veterans think and thought the same way, we didn’t serve for ourselves, we served for those we love to be safe and free and this country too. Now a days, there are few of us still left who have the common sense, knowledge and morals and values, in that way. We are a dying breed, born, and raised in the 50’s, 60′ and 70’s. We had the best of all times, economic, musically, we had the best. Why, can’t people understand, that between the Woke Movement, the stripping of women’s rights, the MAGA and supporters of TRump and these Organizations they are destroying outr country? Are Americans that blinded by anger and foolishness that they will continue down the road they are on and watch as America changes for the worse? Is that what we want folks, to go backwards, to be controlled by Dictators and people who believe they can be kings? Didn’t America and our forefathers fight for freedom, to get out from under King’s and Dictators? They created what we have, and as Ben Franklin Said ” We have created a Republic, how long we keep it so, is up to the people. For it will only last as long as we work to keep it so”. I am hoping and praying for America and it’s future, for we are the last Shinning Star of Freedom on this planet, and once we are gone or our Republic dies, another shall never rise.

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