Reflections, today!

Welcome to November 2022 folks. The year has flown by so far that we have reached the 11th month again. Personally, I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad one, but here we are. The Midterm Elections are in a few days, and if the Republicans win, well the American People will lose. They are targetting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for destruction, which means people like me retired and disabled won’;t have shit to live on. Please don’t vote Republican, Vote Democrat, the onlt thing Republicans care about is themselves and their wallets.

That being said, the weather is beggining to get cooler outside and the leaves are all coming down. In the end we in New England go through the four seasons every year and i think it is the biggest reason why many of us stay in NMew England. We get all the weather treatments of the four seasons and some of us look forward to it all.

As I sit here this November 1st, 2022 I wonder, what the future has in store for the world as a whole. Metors fly through space with no given direction they we can fanthom, and like the dinosaurs before us, we are always in jepardy of ultimate destruction by one hittiong the planet. As it is we as humans have limited life spans, so we don’t stop to think of what mother nature or father time will bring at us as a planet, we don’t control that side of the future.

Anyway, life goes on and for me it shall keep going at least today.I go day to day as i always say, I try to laugh, I try to talk, I try to get along with all I meet, and yet I am still alone. I know I have been told, stop thinking and talking about the past and my wife who passed. I know i have been told move on, yet, I hesitate to enter any relationship with any woman so far and it is now going on 15 months, I have been alone. I am a realist folks, I know I am 66 years old and that finding another women to spend time with in my life will not be easy. One thing about me, I face the facts always and stay real.

What woman wants a man 66 years old, set in his ways, not many. They want young, they want healthy, viral and strong, even if they are not themselves in great shape, They want men who will care for them, protect them, open doors for them and provide for them. They don’t look for men like me, who are self-sufficient and who don’t chase them.

I wish, I was more like othe rmen who know how to flirt with women of all ages. I am not, I never learned to flirt in my life, I guess I never needed to. My relationship, at least real ones, I have had can be counted on one hand really. Anytime i made amove toward a female I failed, but, if I mind my own and do my thing, they seem to find me. How I do not know they just do. I will never understand, how I was married twice in my life and never really flirted with anyone, but it’s a fact,

I chat in person with people daily, men, women and stay alone. Politics is a subject I try tp avoid daily, and religion too, for they divide and make people angry. So, what do I do in my life, well, I do my daily bot, of cleaning, doing my primary things like mail, showers, dishes and home cleaning. Laundry days of course. Then I may walk for a hour or two is the weathe ris noce. If not I build puzzles, read books, write blogs and sometimes i write poetry and short stories if i get an idea on one or the other.

I have tried walking the mall near me, havent seen a movie in a while now, and go looking in stores. Am I involved in volunteer activitie sno not yet, I don’t know my town or area good enough. I thought of getting a pet, but then, I don’t want to have to be responisable for an animal on a daily basis or have the bill of feeding one either. My wife and had had two cats, I had to give away when she passed.

Before my wife i used to go to SIngles Dances which is where i met her one night. None exist near me here in my age range these days. So, I play pool with the boys who live in the condos I am in on mondays, then on Thursday I go bowling with other condo owners on a league team basis. It’s all for something to do. Life has slowed down for me, in my 60’s to a point of a walking pace, day by day, sadly.

I have no weekend plans really, so I play X-Box, and then I wander and walk if i can. I am bored and know that sooner or later, it wil end for me, but when I do not know. I have a belief instilled in me and always have since I was a boy, we are all born an dplaced on this planet for a purpose, each and everyone of us. What that purpose is, is not for us to know. But we go through life daily doing what we can and surviving, and we shall until we complete whatever our purpose really is. When we do complete that purpose we go thru a cooling down period, that slows our existance down and we finally get recalled to from whence we came. The old ashes to ashes, dust to dust is a real fact you see, so for all humanity we must deal with the fact we are mortal, and our time is limited on this planet.

Sounds a little morbid doesn’t it, but, one thing I have learned in my life so far is, there is no escaping the fate and destiny we ultimately have in store for us, we just go on, until we can’t anymore and we get recalled. I know not many read my blogs or my stories or my poems, yet, I still write them and put them online when I can, why, because it isa part of my destiny and fate to do so, and i am drawn to do it.

Life is and will always be a bit of a mystery for all of us on this planet who are human. We have absolutely no real idea why we are here, yet we are and we go through daily routines of our lives without stopping once to think of why that is so. It is like someone installed an auto-pilot in us, and we stay the course we are on, for what purpose, only the creators know.

I have never claimed to be perfect and anyone who does isa fool. We all make mistakes, we all fall and tumble, we all pick ourselves up and start over as needed. We reach out when we need help and we give and take with the ones we love and who love us. It is how we survive is it not? I believe it is anyway.

I reflect many times on life and it’s mysteries, it’s faults, it’s surprises and it’s blessings, One of the things that is so nice is when one can just walk on a brisk morning in the fresh air, and marvel at mother nature, the blue skies, the trees, the leaves, the waters, and mothe rnature at it’s best. A breathe of fresh air in our lungs is vital and we enjoy it as we live day by day and in the end we take it for granted. We shouldn’t for, it may not be that way for others in the future some day. It is the little things in life that make life worth while, the smiles, the laughter, the fun times, the converstaions when you hit it off with someone you met. The small things count folks, a pat on the back, a hug, a romantic kiss, all the small thing we take for granted, for once they disappear, life becomes common and everyday and boring, does it not? Sure it does, for himan kind is not made to be lonely, lost, or without each other, we are like all other creatures, we run in packs. Life is the interaction we live through, nothing more or less.

Anyway, I reflect and go on too much here and i know it. I just hope, mankind realizes as I do, that we are not here for enteriny, we are limite din our timeon this planet. We must face the fact and do what we can is all. I pray, for mankind, for sometimes, mankind is in such a hurry, it blinds itself to the reality and that my friends is dangerous.

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