Stop this MAGA nonsense and anger in America.

It seems to me, common Americans are going to end up paying for everything that goes wrong in America in one way or another. We struggle to support ourselves and our families and to pay our bills on amonthly basis, and in the end bills just keep growing and others get richer. Companies like utilities, gas, oil, electric and more raise prices for the same services we get every month and need to survive. They claim it is more expensive to produce them, but in fact they are only increasing their prices, to gouge and get richer.

American companies havea greed problem, now the average citizen has no way to fight back eitther in rerality. We can’t refuse to pay, or the services that keep us warm and light our homes and more will be tirned off on us. So we try to budget everything we have and our health gets affected because we can’t pay medical costs, and food costs rise too now. Someone tell me what are senior citizens like myself supposed to do to survive in America?

I live on Social Security and Veteran’s Disability payments. It isa forced budget for me, so I do very little, eat as necessary and dress the best I can to survive after paying all my monthly bills. So, who hasa solution for this problem out there, anyone?

The rich get richer, the bigger companies keep charging more and they feed off the poorest peoplein the country. How about, giving the common American Citizen a break, you already have billions if your a huge company or corporation! It is sad to see in America what is happening!

At some point, all Americans are going to realize the finacial mess we are in in America. Our Federal Deficiet climbs each year by trullions, and no one is cutting anything back, except, what is affecting the poorest Americans, our services and needs. How about leaving our Social Security alone we paid into, leaving our disability payments alone. our medicaid and medicare alone, and charging the rich more. They have excess we don’t, we are the poorest in America! You make a 300 grand a year salary or paycheck, you can afford to pay your fair share in taxes and help out.

The rich get richer and the poor pay the price for it all. Why?

Also, let me say this, The biggest criminals in America are the rich ones! Elon Musk buys Twitter, and now wants to charge users, why? Trump runs his life and businesses, sits home eating steaks and champagne, and draws a pension, medical and dental and more from Uncle Sam and he is the biggest criminal around. Why do we let him do so?

The other thing that bugs me more than anything today, is how legal cases are being postponed and made to go on longer than necessary in our Justice System. Trump should have been charged long ago now in the January 6th attack on our capital, yet because he has money and political followers, the Justice System is delayed! If you don’t think that Trump is delaying the process, stretching it out, then you are blind! He postpones, he files brief after breif and appeals from one court to the next and gets away with it. Why is it being allowed?

If you think I am lying or being foolish in saying so, consider this: As Trump postpones and delays everything he can in the courts, his followers who stormed the capital, are now in prison, many of them for the crimes Trump instigated and asked them to do. Why, because Trump has money an dthey don’t, period!. Ask the Qanon, Proud Boys and Oath Keepers members how they feel now, sitting behind bars, paying huge fines and serving time for what Trump asked them to do, as Trump sits in Mar a Lago, eats steaks, plays golf and throws lavish parties on Uncle Sams dime and theirs too. Trump isn’t the one witha felony onhis record being banned from voting is he? Nope.

If i were an Oath Keeper, Qanon Member or Proud Boy member, I wouldn’t be made at the legal system, or the laws, I woul dbe pissed at the fact Trump asked us to attack the capital, we did it, and pay the price, and Trump is walking free! I know Qanon, The Proud Boys and Oathkeepers have many followers out there, but, they need to stop and think before they attack any american official or organization or governement facility, who is telling them to and who is paying the price when they do? Themselves, or Trump? Even the Followers of dictators, and kings come to reralize in this world, that when their leader starts to harm them, his followers, the leader rmust go! Ask Mussonlini, as Hitler, ask Jerry Jones, as Charles Manson and others. IT was their own followers that finally brought them down, why, because theybegan to reralize and finally did realize, it wa stheir leader screwing them over and eating cake so to say.

Qanon, The Oath Keepers and The Proud Boys should realize by now, that doing Trump’s bidding, following his MAGA Rheotoric, is only killing their organizations and members. While Qanon Members, Proud Boys and Oath Keepers pay millions in legal fees, lose the right to vote now and get convicted and have to serve time in prison or jail, and get felonies tacked onto their lives and records. the man who called them, the man who told them what to do and directed it all, is still rich, still eating steaks, still free and still doing as he pleases. You woul dthink they would stop and think of that by now, and stop following the MAGA and trump shit, and either walk away or turn on Trump himself. But like i say, blind followers are not new in America or the world, ask Hitlers followers, ask Mussonlini’s followers, ask the cult leaders and their followers, they know it now. Yet, they follow blindly for no ryhme or reason, or without thought. why? America doesn’t need to be made Great Again, or to be made Great it is Great and has been for 265 years now. Wake up!

I have my own dream folks, that one day all men and women in America, dispite color, race, creed or anything else will wake up and realize, the greatness of the republic and democracy they live under, and appreciate it better. My dream is for the free America we live in to stay free, for oportinities to abound for all, and for equal justice to rain down on all. Equal Justice should be, Banning Trump from Public Office, His Arrest for inciting a riot and insurrection against his own country. Equal Justice would be Donald J. Trump in handcuffs and in a public courtroom facing charges for all he has done, on public television for all the world to see. If Justice spreads enough light on all Donald Trump has done that is criminal, then all may learn the truth an dthe truth is what we need all to see to stop this MAGA nonsense and anger in America.

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