Loneliness- 11-4,2022

Many a day I write blogs on politics the status or the world and post them. I rant and rave over different things and sometime speople may think I am senseless in what I write here. Yet, it is an outlet for what I see and feel about America and all the is going on in it.

Every now and then I may start a story to write or write a poem for all to read or in this case one of my own feelings in this time and age and all I am livingh through. So, on that basis, I give you today my original poem I write this am,

Loneliness 11-04.2022

Waht is loneliness is what some ask,

It is waking up and knowing it is just you,

Walking alone down a highway or road you woul dnever do,

Being alone as the Holidays go by,

Thinking of the one you miss,

Whose life went by.

Lonelinessw is an isolation no one likes,

Yet we all know it at one time or another, and it is not nice.

Loneliness is a feeling of no one to talk to,

A quiet time, when you live in your own mind.

Loneliness is a feeling inside and it is something few can hide,

Some of us live it daily for we know,

There are only a few we can love so.

So when I feel lonly and alone,

I sit back and close my eyes and think of when she was here.

The lauigther, the joys, the times we did share,

The moments of tenderness and carinhg you see,

They carry me through to the next day for me.

So as time goes on, and I struggle through,

Just remember like I do,

YOur not alone in being lonely you see,

Not as long as there are many like me.

So, put on a brave face, dress up and smile,

Cry Laugh and even style.

Be yourself and hope will shine through,

For someone will see you,

Who may be lonely too!.

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