Do me a favor ladies, seniors, and democrats of all kind, grab your independent friends and go Vote for the Democrats !

November 8th, 2022, Election day in America.

While Americans I hope stand in lines, vote by mail, vote in person, and I pray they get heard, we will await the results. The sad part is too many Americans are upset ove rthe economy, but I remind all, the economy did not go bad in the past two years folks! The truth is, One President can not correct the prior Presidents mistakes and mess up and Trump blew up our economy, he is encouraging violence, unrest, and the Maga republicans do his bidding daily and blindly.

Sadly, Americans, need to realize, the economy wil not get corrected by the Republicans, they have no plan to do that, or any plan for the future of it. They want to kill Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, leaving millions of Senior Citizans without health coverage or incomes to live. The Republicans are taking awya women’s rights, if your a woman you should think when you vote, what right do the republicans have to tell you what to do with your bodies and reproductive systems? They killed abortion and Roe!

America you have a choice today, that choice is go backwards, or go forward. Survive or lose out women! If the women in America have any guts and brains, they will go to the polls, they will vote heavily against Republicans, period.

The Independents should join the democrats and vote blue folks, the women should vote blue and the seniors too. If you don’t seniors, women and independents, you will lose rights and benefits of many kinds and The Republicans will raise your taxes. middle income and below. No one started the Ukraine War, but, Putin, we area democracy we support freedom.

Do me a favor ladies, seniors, and democrats of all kind, grab your independent friends and go Vote for the Democrats !

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