Election is over, Now lets discuss facts.

Thursday has arrived and it is now going on two days since the mid-term elections in America. November 10 th, 2022 is now, post election and the results are still be counted, for all to see and no results are final yet for the House or the Senate. It is now also, 15 months sinc ethe passing on my wife, of 28 years. Like her passing and these elections, the recovery from both shall take myself and this country, a while to accept and understand.

Politics in America these days, has many twists, turns and ups and down to it. Sadly, we still have the Trump, MAGA problems. I remind all Americans and someone must, we did not havea violent society like we do today, before Trump! We did not have the clashes we have, nor did we ever hear of The Proud Boys, Qanon, orThe Oathkeepers before Trump brought them into play by calling for them to stand by. I remeind all who sit here and want to blame Biden for the economy, he inherited this mess, he didnt create it! Trump created it, with his stupidity. Biden didnt tell Putin to attack Ukraine either folks, but, he is handling helping Ukraine survive and hanh on just fine. STop blaming Biden and wake up, no President can fix the problems caused in America by DOnald Trump and his MAGA follower sin 2 years, period it takes time.

That being said, let me go on to a very interesting converstaion I have yesterday morning and on a ride back and forth to an appointment I had at the Veteran’s Hospital. I am a disabled veteran as I am sure i mentioned in my blogs before, so, I asked for a ride to the hospital for tests I needed done, The driver assigned to me wasa black woman and very talkative and friendly. We conversed going and coming and while waiting in the hospital also. Our converstaion wasinteresting on many points. 1) We discussed politics and the races as they were happening, to be reported. 2) We discussed Trump and how we both think he belongs in a jail cell somewhere and not allowed to run for office ever again, 3) We discussed the Warnock, Walker race in Georgia and what we both saw, plainly, Walker is an idiot and fool. 4) We discussed the difference between whites, blacks, hispanics, orientals and colors in America. 5) We discussed ingnorance in peoplein general, and how there are ignorant people in all races, colors and creeds in America. It was an interesting time because, we found out as few Americans do, on a short ride under two hours each way, that color and sex do not matter. We had the same opinions and thoughts on all subjects.

Look let me say this to all Americans, all, not just the whites or the blacks, or the hispanics, or the Orientals, or Indians we have here in America, we want the same things folks. We want peace, we want prsperiety, we want justice for all, and equality. We want fair elections and to be heard and listened to. We want to be able to house our families, eductate our children and raise them properly, we want good health, and we want to live in a society the is a democracy and a republic. We must work together to rid this nation and country, America, of internal hates, predijuce and discrimination and more. But we need to eliminate this stupidity of the MAGA movement and trump first and foremost.

I want to live in a world in peace, don’t you? THis MAGA movement shit is stupid folks, Make America Great Again, who the hell thought it up and why? America has been and will be the greatest country in the world and great in it’s own right for going on 247 years now. We are still the only nation where everyone can register to vote and be heard, we still can choice our own religion and freedom of speech. We have equal opportunities to work, better than any other nation in the world. So, what do they mean Make America Great Again, it is and wil always be the greatest nation in the world, so shut the hell up.

Slogans as just that folks slogans to get your attention for elections. Period! Read em, like em, hate em matters not. In the end it is actions that count. The global econonmy is affecting America, the war in Ukraine is affecting America, and this MAGA Movement shit is too. The Woke Movement is crap also in America. Listen to me carefully America, we allo want the same things, we got divided and many got used by Trump, and in the end he led you wrong.

Trump couldn’t, sell water he failed, he couldn’t make a Trump University. He cheated contractors by paying them pennies on the dollar, and they hate him too. Trump failed at so many things it is sad to see. Then he ran for President and promised to Make America Great, remember? Then he won, became President passeda tax bill that benefitted himself and his rich cronies and left you and i and middle americans and below to pay for it. Failure and hurt us all. He failed to build his wall he so proudly espoused about too, the parts sit on our southern border never done. He almost killed Americans by suggesting Americans; drink bleach to kill covid, are you kidding me? Wake up Americans this man is not Presidential or even capable of holding the Presidency. Now this man ran for reelection, got his ass whipped by the same margins in the electoral count, as he won by. Stop and think of that exact numbers folks, yet he could not accept it, and would not concede. Then, he leaves office and takes with him secret and top secret and above documents and hides them in Mar a Lago. Then he gets caught with them and is now prolonging all the charges being brought against him, why, so he can make a run again for Preesident, and get that Executive privilage once more is all. He is looking for the legal protection the Presidency provides to keep him out of jail and not convicted.

Let me say this to all out there, if you or I were to take secret or top secret documents from Washington of any kind mind you, we would be sitting in a cell dying and be forgotten by now. So , tell me America, why is everyone so scared of Donald J. Trump at this point? Why do people fall for his slogans and bullshit acts? He is nothing more than a con man who got lucky period. His daddy gave him his millions to start him on his way. He is aphoney, narrissitic personality who is a danger to society. Wake up open you eyes stop blindly following him and supporting him, there is no reason to, he doesn’t give you anything in return, and never will. He feeds off of you blind loyality folks, and makes the world a more angry andhateful place for all. Why do we the taxpayers have to pay to repair the damages to our capital he instigated and caused by calling for the riot and insurrection he did on January 6th? Isn’t his to pay for not ours? You tell me folks!

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