November 14th, 2022/ Thoughts

November 14th, 2022 is now here. As this day begins, I reflect some on life as I have lived it and as it has occurred for me. Each of us grows up differently, in our own families and each family raises it’s own in their own way. So yes we are going to have in grown or taught differences, it is how we integrate it all into society as we go along in life that counts. Some of us close ourselves off and judge others quicker than others, and some of us are easier going and accept things as they are and move on. How we handle the differences is what makes our world exist and go round these days.

I grew up in the projects of Waterbury, Connecticut’s North End in the 1960’s. We had it all white, black, hispanics, it didnt matter, we were all on the same level, struggling to survive in the world. We played together, we laighed together, we cried together and we fought together and against one another. We also learned to be tolerant of one another, to walk away from trouble when we could and in the end, that we could make friends of anyone no matter color, creed or nationality. I think more people need to grow up andunderstand, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what nationality you are, what creed you are, or where you are from, what does matter is simple, tolreance, open communication, listening and respecting one another. We have no right to make judgements on anyone, nor do we have the right to hate someone when they did nothing to uis. Those who judge too quick, lose folks.

Now, that said, I moved on in life after those projects, and grew up and then joined the military. When you do that, you no longer put yourself first in your life, you put your fellow countrymena nd womena nd families first. You serve your country and you do so with everyone. We all breath folks, we all hurt folks, we all laughed, we all cry, we all bleed, we all shit the same and we all urinate the same. We all dress the same. So, tell me why the fear if someone is a diffent color, or someone speaks differently, or acts differently? It is what we are taught by those who raise us is what it is. So, at some point in life, we grow old enough, smart enough and bold enough to make our own decisions and we must do so.

I do not approve of predijuce, discrimination, segregation, or antiseminisim. I do not believe in the MAGA bullshit either. I don’t believe in the Woke Movement either, what ever it means. What I do belive in is simple, honest and true, we all must live together, we all must get along and we all must accept our differences, and say, ok, you have your beliefs, I have mine, we don’t agree, but, we all have the right to live free and be who we are and survive. I tire of anger, I tire of verbal insults, physical fights and violence. You don’t like someone or something walk away, let it be, do your own thing and move on. Never force yourself on someone else, never force your beliefs on someone else, never force your form of sexuality on anyone else either. You do and people take these items as attacks on themselves. Don’t go there, there is no need for it.

Final word for today, before you do snap-judgements, attack others, shun others, learn who they are, and why they are who they are, what there experiences maybe or may not be. Snap Judgements lead to misunderstanding and problems, just don’t do it, is all. Politics will always be a subject I comment on. MY one comment on the political climate in America is this. The Political climate is worse, because it is being agravated by Trump’s denial of his loss of the 2020 Election annd his refusual to conceede and accept defeat. It is foolish, sad and in my opinion, sad. He lost period by the same margins in the electoral college that he beat Hillary Clinton with. It’s over, let it die. Stop destroying America, over lies, let it be. Secondly, don’t allow Trump to run again and if he is allowed to, turn the page Republicans, he is destroying your party and our country. He cost you the mid-terms, and in the end, you need to find a new leader and head for your party, period, he is dangerous and noxious to the party and country. He is dangerous to America’s security in all ways.

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