Lets end the farce of MAGA BullShit, Election Result denials and anger that is still happening now!

December 21st, 2022, welcome to a few days till Christmas! As people rush to and fro, the items fly off the shelves you know, the malls are bust and all the stores, as people buy things for thos ethey love more. A gift for this one, a toy for that one, a drop off , thats a fast one. All a part of the holiday cheer, it’s the wya this time of year. So From me to you and anyone who is true, be yourself, have fun, don’t do anything dumb. A New Year is next after this Christmas, a time for New Begginings, new friends, is close once again.

As we all celebrate Christmas or other holiday celebrations, we must be careful and safe, so all do so ok.

Now on to the real world, in America. Many Americans in my opinion, do not understand the true crisis at hand for us all. In 246 years of American History here in the United States, we have never seen what happened on January 6th, 2021 before and I pray and hope we never do again. I know we all have our own political and religious views and we have that right in America, because we have a Constitution and a Republic here. I have a problem witrh what happened on January 6th, 2021 and I think all Americans should too. Our capital and way of life was attacked, property was destroyed that belongs to us the American People and we had to pay to repair and replace it too. On top of this the violence that occurred was gross and incited by a sitting President at the time, who watched it unravel on television for hours before he asked them to go home. He brought them to Washingtom, DC, he incited them with his speech and then sent them to the Capital to find Mike Pence his own Vice President and to hang him. All for what reason, simple, he didn’t want to leave the Presidency, but he lost the election.

It is now going on two years since he lost said election, and Donald J. Trump has been a civilian once again. His tax records are about ro be released, he is recommended by a Committee for up to six different criminal chafges for what happened on January 6th. On top of that he is under investigation in Georgia, New York and Washington,DC. Yet, people still wnat to back him and let him run for the Presidency again, this is a sad state of affairs my fellow citizens. Are we really so blind we can’t see the damage Donald J. Trump has done to America, and it’s way of life, are you that blind? Why would you follow and promote a criminal who has stolen well over 100 secret and top secret documents on top of all else he has done, and what was his purpose for having them and who did he show them to? Why folks?

In American History, the United sSates has never had an American President who has done so many criminal acts, and endangered our peace and security more then Donald J. Trump. he conned business men, he has conned the common man and women of the country too in many endeavers and yet he was elected President.

Sad to have seen!

We have had this drama carried out now over the years since he came down the escalator in his Trump Tower now. It needs to end folks, and the Department of Justice should and can end it all now. The January 6th committee has done it’s job and is handing all to the Justice Department for criminal referrals. The State of Georgia is working on a case against Trump and his supporters, the State of New York is also. And of course the Federal Justice system is compiling it all together. Let me say this Americans, if Donald J. Trump is not inicted, charged and tried for the crimes he committed, you are setting the stage for it to happen all again, and the outcome may be different next time, and we may lose the Republic and Democracy we live under and constitution too, Never has an American President said ban the Constitution before and never should one get away with saying it either. If Donald J. Trump, does not like the Constitution, I submit he will not abide by it if reelected to The White House once more. Which means he is trying to over turn our governement and way of life in America. Is that what you want americans, to become a dictatorship, or communist country? Sadly, I pray it does not happen in america in my lifetime, I defended this country, by serving it for 16 years of military life. and I do not wish to see it destroyed, nor should any patriotic American or American citizen, we are the greatest country in the world period. We don’t need to Make America Great Again, we are great and have been from our inception as a nation. Want proof, ask every other nation why they want to be us and why they depend and rely on ys and try to imtimidate us? Simple we are and will always be the best country in the world, it is democracy, it is the Republic, It is the Constitution we follow that makes us so.

To The Justice Department and legal authorities in Washingtom,. DC, New York and Georgia and any others examining and investigating Donald J. Trump, it matters not how much money he has or how much political power he may weld, from his followers, Justice is to be equal for all of us, regardless of stature or position or money. if you or I did all Donald J. Trump had done, we would be behind bars for life, and it would have happened long ago.

One woman years ago now, accidently took home one secret document from her job in the governemet. She was arrested and charged and convicted and served five years in prison for it. Donald J. Trump took home hundreds folks, doesn’t he deserve to serve in pirson also like she did. What makes him any better then her? Nothing! Equal Justice for all is the motto of the Justice Department, the laws apply to all of us and that should include Donald J. Trump, his advisors, his family and friends if they break the law they should not be above it, anymore than you or I ! If The Justice Department does not charge, indict and publically put on trial Donald J. Trump, his followers and friends who helped him in all he has done, it will definitely look like prefffential treatment, and it will look like the Justice Department is scared of Trump and his followers. It is time Donald J. Trump is caught up tp and made to pay for all he has done. The only question that remain in my mind is, does the Justice Department, Attorney General Garland and his Special Prosecutor have the guts to do what is right here? We shall see! The fact Trump is a ex-president should have no bearing here, he has no executive privileges once out of office and he is responisible under the law, for all he didin office or out of it. No special treatment should be given Donald J. Trump and while Congress and Justice are at it, they should make Donald J. Trump pay for all the damages to our capital that he caused by inciting the violence on January 6th, it is what he owes and deserves and we the American people should not pay for what he did, he should. Lets end the farce of MAGA BullShit, Election Result denials and anger that is still happening now!

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