Two days to XMas and tis the Season !

Hello December 23rd, 2022, for the first time in 30 years I shall be spending it alone for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Times change and so do circumstances folks as you age. In my case, I had my wife for those years and then we would vidit my sister on these holidays. Now my wife has been gone for over 16 months and my sister is in a relationship once more and I do not wish to intrude on anyone. Some tried to get me to come to finner at their home here, but U don’t interfere in anyone’s life, especially in th eHoildays each year. As I told one person, i have spent many days alone aboard Naval Ships on the holidays, so it will not affect me much at all, there will be movies to watch, the internet to chat on, a book to read, of X-Box to play.

As I age, and do so alone these days, I now know, I do not enjoy being alone. But, I also know at 66 years old, it will not be easy to ever find a new female to date and get to know. You get to a point where you do undersrand, that your age affects how others look at you. Women havea radar for any sign of negativity in men, any sign of anger in men, and many in my case just don’t like me I have noticed. Maybe it is the negative thing, or the age factor, I can’t be sure, or it may be the fear I have of approaching them. I love women, always have, I just never felt I was attractive to women and as you get older, the doubts and excuses you make get worse. So what do you do, there are no dating sites or clubs for older people, plus even if you do meet someone you like, you have self doubts in approaching them, fear of rejection kicks in.

Whats next now that the January 6th, Committee is done investigating? IT’s full report is out and it points dead at Donald J. Trump, as the creator and architect of the plan to change the election results and stop the certification too. He set it up, called for it, and pointed then dead at the Capital. Congress now has Trump’s Tax Returns also. The Charges in Geotgia keep growing, the accusations in New York is growing and prceeding and then the Federal Governement, in The Department of Justice is hot on it all. Now the only question is, will somebody stop Donald J. Trump from holding any public office and vote to ban him from the ballot in each state? The Congress has more than one way to do so, including the 14th admendment, then each state can ban Trump from the ballot, for a criminal should not be on any ballot. The sa dpart of all of this is simple, all those who did what Trump said on January 6th, the Proud Boys, The Oath Keepers, and more, now have their leaders and members in prison, and they aree paying the price. The man who told them what to do, creqatede the plan to do it, is meanwhile sitting in Mar a Lago, in Florida and playing golf, giving speeches and eating steak and having fun. The alone should bother lal who followed Trump, on January 6th. The Only Question is, does the Justice Departments, Federally, or in Georgia, and New Yotk have the guts to charge, indict and prosecute Donald J. Trump? I know the Justice Department in each state in question and the Federal Justice Department are hesitatnt to do so, yet if they don’t, they Justice for All, is no longer the truth in America is it?

Amercian Justice has to be applird to Donald J. Trump, he is no longer a President so he has no privaleges at all. He is just another American Citizan who has committed numerous crimes now. So, why isn’t he charged yet? Why is there such a delay or stop to doing so? Pleaase tell us Department of Justice and Attorney General Garland!

One woman, years ago took one secret document home by accident, and ended up serving 5 years in prison! Donald J. Trump took home hundreds and he is still walking free, what happened to equal Justice for all? In the end, if anyone deserves to be charged, indicted, put on public trial, for all to see it is Donald J. Trump and his children too. The American people, need Justice done in this case, we need to know that Justice for All is real in America, and applies to everyone, not just the poor! Let’s Charge DOnald J. Trump, and his children and all who, followed him, helped him, in this Attack on America! At Donald J. Trump’s behest and direction, the riotors, destroyed governement property, Donald J. Trump should pay for it all!

That said now, I want to Wish All, Happy Holidays this 2022, yes it is cold outside as can be. Yet remember, the holidays are not about material things, these Holidays are about the gathering of family and friends and peace on Earth. God Bless All and may your Hoildays be Hepp and Gay!

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