Happy Holidays/ Personal/ and Trump, December 24th, Christmas Eve

December 24th, is upon us! The shoppers will be rushing for the last minute items today and the weather is cold, be careful for ice and the like. I know we all want to please our loved ones, mates and children too, but do it right and no accidents ok? Happy Holidays to all of you out there.

The world is still here spinning and fine, yes we have wars going on, but it has been that way in history for all time. As Americans always do, we support the underdogs in each war and we want the peaceful people left along. It is how we Americans like it and in our own way, we as a country do it.

Next subject folks, some want to know how I am doing alone now, on my own without my wife who passed now over 16 months ago. My answer is I am slowly easing back into a lifestyle as a single man. I have not dated anyone or asked to either as of yet. I am cautious and fearful of rejection when I do try to. I have been told by many I am a handsome guy, I don’t buy it. Never did and I guess never will. Many will tell me, oh, your good looking, you will be fine, you will find someone, to ths I say, if, I shy away it is my own fault I am alone.

On the dating front I have tried online websites and no luck so far. I talk to some a few times and they disappear on me, what I am saying ot doing wrong I do not know. I know I am not like the jolly ole english lad who laughs alot and dances a jig, I am 66 soon to be 67 in a month. Age has a lot to do with it that is for sure. I am trying to ease back out there, I bowl, I play pool and I walk alot. I don’t see many my age doing the same and so I don’t talk a lot really. Maybe thats it, or maybe it is I am too guarded in many ways. Whatever it is, it looks to me like my loneliness will not change very soon at all.

Next the turmoil and problem of Donald J. Trump, is beyond measure in America. No Man who ran for President, was President and wants to be President again has ever done all the criminal acts he has. IT is sad to see a portion of Americans still running around with Red MAGA Hats and supporting this man. The facts are the facts with Donald J. Trump and if your one of his supporters still, then you are blindly following someone, you shouldn’t.

Lets talk Trump facts now and I shall list some for you here:

  1. Domald J Trump is well known in New York and business, as a con man who paid contractors pennies on the dollar for work they did.
  2. Donald J. Trump failed to sell water, with his own name on it and steaks too.
  3. He created and was responiable for Trump University and cheated people out of thousands.
  4. He promised many things when running for President in 2016 and delivered on one only.
  5. He delivered on a tax bill for himself and his rich cronies is all
  6. He failed as a President and was laughed out of the United Nations, when he appeared there.
  7. He failed in dealing with the covid pandemic period and suggested Americans drink bleach to beat it on public Television
  8. He failed to build his border wall on the southern border and the proof still sits there in shambles.
  9. He lost his reelection campagain, by the same margins he won his Presidency and refused to concede the Election.
  10. He has been shouting election fraud from before the 2020 election and ever sin, all lies.
  11. He gathered and created the mob and directed them to attack the capital and tried to stop the certification of the results.
  12. He snuck himself into a treatment for covid and hid it from the American People
  13. He committed insurection against his own country and goverment
  14. He, when he left office took with him secret and top secrets documents to his home, illegally.
  15. He hid said documnets for over 16 months untill it caught up with him. Over a hundred os them.
  16. He refused to return said documents to the people and my question remains what was he doing with them, why did he have them. Who did he show them to?
  17. Now we have the States of New York, Georgia and the Federal Government building cases against him and Trump still talks election fraud bullshit.
  18. Now he has declared himself a candidate for president in 2024 once more, he must be banned from doing so and removed from any ballot in my opinion.

The Above list is not all of Trump’s failutres, but a good part of them publicaqlly known. I submit my fellow Americans, Donald J. Trump is unfit to hold any public office and he should not be allowed to run again in anyway, for any public office, he is unstable and dangerous. To Congress, create a lever for the 14th, Admendment and enforce it immediately, lets stop the farce and danger of Donald. J. Trump now, lets save American democracy and our republic and our Constitution too. For Donald J. Trump wants to throw out our constitution, and that is the foundation of America. So No! Stop him now or we shall face the same mess and dangers we have already been through, once more. Stop Donald J. Trump now!

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