Merry Christmas to All and Happy New Year too!

Merry Christmas world! May your Christmas day be filled with family and friends, may it bring you joy and hope and presents that you want and need. Just remember it is about gathering, family and friends, not about material things at all.

As the Christmas day begins for all world wide, I hope it brings out the good in all, from them inside. May you laugh and play, may you eat all day, may the company you have be cheery not mad. May the Day be filled with all you wish, from nice presents and good and special people, who should be your best gift. For as we celebrate the religious part of it all, remember not all are as lucky you see. So be good to all and make it a season to be bright.

That said, next up will be New Years and a new beginning world wide. Lets all hope the New Year is better than the last. Lets hope it brings new friends and some from the past. Lets hope the money to live is plenty and we all can survive as we need to, that way we see our way through. As 2022 begins to wind down, don’t forget the ones you loved, or who helped you and were around. Don’t, be mad, or angry, or sad you see, for the New Year is coming and it will be, 2023.

We can’t control the elements, ot the time and we be here for only so long. Remember you are remembered for how you treated other when you are gone. You want people to have good memories of you when you are gone. It is the ones who treat others with respect and caring, that their memories become worth caring and sharing you see. So before you make judgements, or mistreat someone, remember it is part of your legacy that it will stay on. New Years are meant to be new begginings in all traditions world wide. why, because we all really want things better and we know it inside. Don’t run, walk my friends, walk and let the world know you are proud, you are true and you care too. For in the end when our time is done on this planet, we return to from where we came, to sit down next to our Lord and be judged without pain.

As Christmas Day starts in 2022, I am sure there are family with many of you. I am sure children are plenty and waking up happy, and parents will laugh and cry and even get sappy. As the afy goes on and yes it will, the children will play, the adults will talk and in the end, we all take a walk into contentment and peace you see. Yet we must remember, the next day shall arrive and we have to be ready to do what it takes to sray alive. So be careful and have fun and remember our lives go on and we are here till whatever mission the Good Lord gave us is done, then we are recalled. Life is short in all reality, for it goes by quickly you see.

Onward we must go, for humanity has a path to hoe, we must keep striving, learning and grow, just so we can be better as human beings don’t you know. Happy Holidays to All, and May your time be filled with those you love and care about, and in the end I hope we all figure it out. Be safe, be happy, find contentment, and be the best tou can be to each other.

Merry Christmas to All and Happy New Year too!

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