Writting and Poetry !

Good Morning December 28th, 2022! My eyes have opened once more and I am still here, alive, and for that alone I should be blessed and so should everyone else in the same way. Life I always say can only be controlled by mankind in ceratin ways, we can control our own reactions to others, we can control what we say or do, and we can control how we take and give back to trhe planet and each other. In the end, we are at the mercy of somethings also, 1) Faher Time, 2) Mother Nature, and they have a long term, relationship no man or woman can change or control. We live within the means and enviroment we are destined and fated to be in. We can move locations to change the weather and temperature, but, all of that depends on factors too. The biggest is money and the ability to pay for where you want to live and how you wish to live. If you can not hold a job, you can’t maintain a lifestyle you want. Yet with all the economic factors and the envormental ones too, mankind seems able to adapt better than most don’t we? Just an observation I have made this am, as I started writing here.

Well, next subject, writting itself. As some may know i write these blogs and some do read them. I also wrotes some short stories and many poems too. Writting for me can be therapatic, it can be a way to release feelings and emotions, and in the end it can just be a way to make money if your good enough at it. I di remind those attempting to write stories, poems or even blogs, whatever you write must be that which can catch someone’s attention, hold their attention, and by word of mouth shall be passed around, so in the end people rerquest more from the writter. That is if you are trying sell your works. Coherence is needed in story line and plit and characters.

Poetry however is a little different in many ways. Poetry for the Poets who write, hasa special meaning to themselves, That meaning and the words as they are framed and presented, usually show emotions, feelings, or situation the individual has lived through, or experienced in someway, and it is their way of putting it out there and revealing it, to others. Not every poem is loved, and some fail, and when some do hit, they live on forever. Many poems unknown or realized by many, beome somgs or song lyrics. And for those, it becomes the combination of music and lyrics/ poems that sells the song. So, for this December 28th, 2022, I will leave you with a poem I wrote last year at this time of year:

Imagine, What Shall Be, Shall Be

BY; William M. William McCurrach


Imagine you were me, and in a place of growing old,

I wonder why, as you age, life seems to turn each little page.

We learn as we age, what to do or not to do,

In the end we know what is right or wrong,

Yet we know we must go on.

Now imagine, a room, filled with dim lights,

Music playing and singers in the night.

The door opens across the floor,

In she walks and your ‘re lost in her beauty

Her smile and her style. Forever more.

You know you have no chance, you know she is beyond

your reach,

No matter what you say or do or how you preach,

She will forever be beyond your reach.

Imagine what would happen, as you hear her sing,

Her smile beams across the room, and it brightens any


Each man sighs and smiles at her, and she sees all of them

you see,

But all I can imagine is ,would she notice me. That I cannot


There is a dream in everyone’ s life

There has to be you see

For in all our lives there shall always be,

One that gets away or one you can not reach.

Take it as fate, or destiny

Take it anyway you can from me,

There is an old saying out there,

What Shall Be, Shall Be,

In the end, imagining is all I can do,

That’s all I can say to you!

I learned early and so young

Somethings you just can’t do or get done

The reach is too far, the distance too much,

So, it remains a dream in one’s imagination.

Yes so far, out of touch.


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