New Year Wishes, for 2023

We be closer to 2023 now then ever before, today is the 29th of December now. The Christmas Season is gone an dthe New Year will begin in two days or so. As 2022 rolls to it’s close there will be reviews of who died and what happened in 2022, and we shall reflect on the past and look ahead to the future too. We live each day, we wake up to, to the best of our ability to get through. For me I try to not bother anyone, and enjoy the day as it does run. I awaken and stumnle from my bed, with visons of a life full of fun times ahead. It doesn’t always go the way I wish, for somedays, can be a bitch. In the end I do the best I can, to smile and walk and move along, hoping to walk into or meet someone with whomI can share the rest of my life and maybe call dear. Here my friends is my wish for the New Year!

May your New Year begin with laughter and joy, may we all mingle with those we enjoy. May we share a frew drinks, dance to some tunes, may our laughter go well past midnight you see. May we find someone who we want to be with, may we stay with those we give a shit a bout, may we try to enjoy our lives and live them out. I pray we all get to smile and laugh, and I hope we meet people who give back. May we lal intermingle whether married or single and find and make friends that can last till our end. May the money we need to survive be there, may we cry very few of any rears. May our loved ones be healthy and wealthy and wise, and may those we love, bea surprise. We beed to give and to give back, for that is how our lives go fast. So, as your New Year begins, let me say this to all out there, Enjoy Life, Enjpy laughter and enjoy tears, for ir is all a part of all of our New Years.

For some it wil be travel, some it will be romance, for others it will be the thrill of the dance. For all of us, each day that goes by, leaves us wondering just why. Never stop thinking of what is next and hoping in life for what is best. never give up on old friends you see. for one of them can be like me. Loyality, and Honor and caring and sharing is what life is all about. do yourself a favor and figure that out Honesty in all we do, is what makes life worth living through. never intentionally hurt another, whether it be a sister or a brother. Understand as the old year ends, we all want to be happy and healthy and be able to live and laugh again. Life is too short to stop living, just remember life is not about taking, as much as it is about giving.

So as 2023, gets ready to ring in, Remember those we lost, those we have now and those we shall meet. For life is about today, and our interactions my friends, remember for your own good, to be happy again each day. The sun shall rise and it shall set, and each new day will bring things we shall not forget. The passing of an old year and beggining of a new one, tells us we shall and should have faith, caring and sharing in the new one. Persist, move forward and acchieve, for in the end it is with honor and dignity and caring and sharing that we achieve what we want most. reach for the Best in Your New Year, Show others you have empathy and try to show you care and can share.

I want to Wish All, A Very Happy, Fruitful, Joyous, and Healthy New Year !!! May 2023, be a year of the best we all can be!

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