12-30-2022, Memories, Time and Aging

December 30th, 2022, I awoke once more at 5:00 am and find myself sitting here, wondering why I can ot sleep these days. It has now been, over 16 months since my wife passed away from Cancer and I had to bury her/ Each day i awake I think of her and how I miss seeing her smile and hearing her voice and advixw for me. Yet I also know, by far, I have no choice in what the Good Lord has done, nor do I have any control in destiny or fate. Acceptenance is all I have, so I find myself accepting it all and moving forward, even is my life now seems very hollow, empty and alone without her. For 28 years it was her and I against the world and we did all, we survived and we fought as one.

We are now closong in on 2023, and I know at some point, and hope at some point the loneliness and emptiness I feel daily, can be filled again. I know there shall never be another, like my deceased wife, but, I hope there will be someone, for companionship, for laughter, and for doing things together once more. Time shall tell I am sure, but, I have no guarantees on anything and neither does anyone one else.

Memories and Time. Aging!

William M. McCurrach 12-30-2022

I am now old and I know it too,

My body aches yet it carries me through,

Each day, I get up, my eytes do open,

Thoughts flash through my brain,

I know no two days or moments are the same,

Yet I know, I shall keep going on and on,

Until the Good Lord recalls me and then I shall be gone.

I can not control, how my life goes, I can only live in the frame I was given,

Yes, the body we are born in does not last forever,

We age, we grow old, we grow slow and then we slow down,

Yes i know, like those before me, I shall be buried in the ground.

Fate and Destiny are not mine to control,

Nor is Mother Nature or Father Time,

Yet the memories of the years I have lived and gone through,

Keep me going to a point, just like you.

Once my mind starts to fade and my body starts to stop,

And I know it will happen you see,

All I ask is to buried, with the woman I loved, next to me.

I was blessed with those i loved, and know it deep inside,

I had a mother, a father and a step-father too,

Brothers and a sister, who always got through,

I had more than two of everything in my life, even two daughters and yes two wives.

Homes I owned the places I lived, the service I did give,

In the end I served all I could, in all ways I knew how,

IT doesn’t matter anymore, when you grow old, for people are too busy,

And you or I will no longer be bold.

My life runs down and what keeps me going these days,

Memories, memories, is all I can say.

I hope once I am gone, those who knew me,

Will have memories of me, to help them carry on.

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