January 2nd, 2023 Begins

January 2nd, 2023, a new Year, a second day and away we go is what they say. What is the next big story or thing to happen, don’t know but, I am sure something will. Each day isa mystery to me and I awake and my mind spins and thinks and yet, I am alone here always. Ever since the passing of my wife in August of 2021, I have stayed alone, on my own and bothered no one. I don’t approach women much and iI definitely have dated no one, it seems. I do not wish to play comparrison games, in anyway, so I basically let the women pass me by. I smile, laugh and joke and then just move on. I don’t believe I am any women’s dream at almost 67 soon.

My birthday is a few weeks away now, and I would never believe I would be alive at this time or age. MY life has been one thing after another and in someway I am surving still. It is a bit of a mystery to me, and not easy to be alone in a world as it is today. Crazy as the world is I watch it go by and stay alone and survive on pure emotions and physical abilities and what I have learned to do in my life. As we age we do become more self-sufficient don’t we.

Anyway, the dating things and meeting of the opposite sex is not happening in my case. I tend to mind my own and avoid any mention of dating. I am lobely yes, andi am tire dof being alone, yet, I fear rejection, I am no spring chicken anymore so to say. The Dating scene when you hit your sixties goes to shit folks, people are already set in their ways, physically, mentally and emotionally and to find compatability under thos situations is rough. No one ones to compromise of change in their 60’s and many are like me widowers, or divorcees.

We all act like we want someone, but when we see someone we don’t know how to make an approach, or if we should it becomes wishy washy so to say and we stumble and walk away. I know been there now many times, and I won’t make the mistake of getting involved with someone who will blab, talk or compare me to another rman, or is in my immediate area these days, like I was told, Never shit in your own backyard. I loive in a condo in a tight knit area os 55 plus people. It is like being in a mall of people, and if you say or do one thing wrong it spreads like wildfire, all around you. So no matter how many women I meet or see here, in this condo compound, I do not cross the line, doing so, would be dangerous and nasty I think if something went wrong.

Sometimes it is crazy, I steer clear of it when that happens. MY mother God Rest her soul, told me when I was young, don’t ever hang your meat in public outside your butcher shop, it can either go bad, or get cut off. LOL, She had a point, and if any man ever lived in a condo compound like i do, they would know, women talk about men, like we do about them. I just don’t like being part of a meat market situation, where they ladies are screaming Where’s the Beef!

For those of us 55 and up, who end up widowed or divorced, we tend to be careful with who we date or meet, for any reason, but more so when we are alone and hoping to find someone. We set high standards for ourselves and for those we meet or want to be with. What we forget is, the fact we are alone and will stay alone unless we can basically, find a way to compromise out standards or values it is how we shall stay. We tend to use past relationships to judge and choose present ones a little too much. So, the comparrison makes it difficult, to attack to or find someone.

The dating scene is tough these days as it is, and we struggle through it all. Money is tight, and people are fussy. We tend to use the past to compare against and in the end, it doesn’t always work, we tend to find out if we don’t take a chance we will never find romance again. Romance only happens if we allow it to, but few of us have the guts to do so. In the way we end up alone more than anything else. Ah life goes on anyway doesn’t it? We tend to end up lonely and sometimes angry because we feel we can’t find someone to be with, but in the end it becomes our own fault, doesn’t it!

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