God Bless America!

OK, January 4th, 2023 is upon us all. The New Year is beggining to roll in well, as I hear of old friends passing away, who I knew in my younger days. Sadly, we can’t live forever folks, none of us will, and we need to accept it and our owb humanity and do the best we can while here on earth.

Life is too short not to do what you like best, whether it be reading, writing, exercising, walking, talking, entertainiong or anything else you can think of. Do what makes you happiest, do what makes you deel unique and you and do it for yourself and so others will know who you really are, before you depart this planet, I alwayshave said we are here to do what the Good Lord gave us to get done, what exactly it is we shall never know, and onc eit is done we get recalled to the side of the Father, our time is done.

So, do me a favor folks, live, live happy, live fully, live to make your heart and the hearts of those you love content. Remember the one thing none of us seem not to, when we depart Mother Earth, we are remembere3d not for how many material things we have or how much money we have, we are remembered for how we treat others, and that is how it works. The memories we leave behind with family and old friends is how history will remember us, I can say that time and gain and shall.

Once, it is over, it is over folks, there is no breaching the wall to comebac, there is no magical return to life. We go back to where we came from once we pass, and that is no lie. Now, I know it sounds sad, and it sounds like defeatism, but it isn’t folks, what I am saying is life is too damn short to not have agood time, love who you shall, laugh as you will, enjoy all you can and most of all, treat others with respect, honor, dignity and be remembered for being you.

Changes arecoming in our country and in the world everyday. Wars are fought, politics are acted out, and people live, laugh, cry and die daily. We have lost many famous, we have lost many brave, and one thing I can tell you as an American who served his country for 16 years in three branches of service, we are the greatest nation in the world period and will always be as long as we have a constitution, and a republic and we maintain it and not destroy ourselves from within. Once more I remind all, what Ben, Franklin said one the Constitution was signed and the Nation began, We have a republic now under a democratic rule and we shall have it as long as we maintain it, and protect it. Never forget folks, how lucky you are to have the freedoms you have, to vote, to go where you please, to work as you please, to beable to bear arms as necessary, to be able to pray and whorship as you wish and to have equal rights. We, Americans are the lucky ones, for our forefathers mad eit so and it is our job to mainatain it and bette rit not destroy it.

I know not what others served their country for i know only me. I served for 16 years, I gave my body and soul to the belief o f what this country is. I derved for those i loved, to keep them safe, it wasn’t for me. I got injuried on duty and I tried to stay in more was was forced out. I do not and will never regret the yeras i spent in the military or the lessons i learned while serving, and in the end I am a Proud Disabled American Veteran. I shall die one too, screaming if I have to, keep America Free, to keep our rights and our comforts and in the end, to keep America great as it is. I shall never spouse stupid MAGA Chants or wear stupid MAGA hats, nor shall I ever allow anyone to tell me who or what to vote for. But, I shall vote my heart and my head and do so honestly and not cry or complain win or lose, for no where else in the world do they have a right to choose. God Bless America!

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