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January 6th, 2023, began at 5:30 am for me, I awoke onc emore with back spasms and pain, which is fast becoming the normal for me these days. Yet, I persist, and keep walking, and doing what I have to survive is all.

These days I tend to watch the Celtics and the NFL when I can when they are on. I love both, but, refuse to pay the prices to go see them live, they are just crazy. Being elderly, on Social Security and disability, I tend to watch my money closely and go day by day the best I can.

When, you get to a certain age like me, in your mid to high 60’s, you just want peace and quiet and in the end, someone to share it with. I have the peace and quiet now, I miss having the someone to share it with. My guess is, I will have to get out and find someone to be with, but to do so, I will have to learn the area I live in, here in Massachuetts.

Well, I do play pool on Monday evenings with the gang at the clubhouse for fun, Then on Thursdays I Bowl for fun too with the group here from the condos I live in. Walking I try to do daily if i am up to it and my back lets me, these days. In the meantime I write my blogs here, chat online and watch mobies and shows. I started a puzzle a while back but it is like the 5th one since last March when I moved here, but, I got bored with it all, so it sits waiting. I read now and then, but you can only read so much before you get bored also.

So, what do tou do, when your going on 67 in a few days, and you have a back that goes out on you and you live alone? I am not sure it would have been any different for me in Connecticut, then it is now in Massachuetts, age is now becoming a determining factor in all I do or try to do. I have seen card playing clubs here, majong playing cluns and domino playing clubs here also, but I have not joined them. I am tending to avoid gettng involved with the women here in the condos I live in, gossip would rule the place if I did and women tend to talk. Plus I do not beed to as one put it to me, shit in my own backyard, it would make living here a drama circus on a daily basis.

So I guess I shall start looking for things to do and places to go. Maybe events, or clubs, I don’t know what the area I live in offeres up here. Most I have looked ta here in Westborough is geared for the younger crowd of course, so I shall have to expand my looking some to see what else there is. Maybe, try to look into Meet-Up and their events, or things along those lines. Most of what I see so far in this area is aimed at younger crowds and couples, not senior singles.

Anyway that will give all an idea what is happening for me here, so far on my new life. I have been watching this farce on a vote for Speaker of The house happen now for three days and 11 rounds. Now, let me say this, if I ran 11 times for the same position and my peers didn’t vote to give me the Gavel and Seat, I would drop out, from pure embarrasement! How can Kevin McCarthy sit there through each vote and know they don’t want him as Speaker of The House and keep going? It must be humiliating at the least.

Will he get The Speaker of The hOuse position and Gavel eventually, naybe, but, what shall be left isa spineless, weal Speaker of the House, he is giving away far too many concessions period. You can’t be Speaker of the House under the concessions he is giving away. He will be the shortest term ever for a Speaker.

In the meantime the Legislative Branch of our Governement is basically shut down and incoming Representives can not be sworn in either. Things have come to a stop in The House and McCarthy has not budged and is stubborn and so are his opponents, sadly. The damage this battle is causing to the country and the Republican Party, will not disappear if McCarthy gets the gavel and Spreakers seat, for a long while. You can’t have a Speaker of the House who has no spine or backbone or power left, because he gave it all up, to get the seat. It won’t work, the Republican party wil run over McCarthy and he will look like an ass.

Next subject to tackle, so to say. The near death of a young 24 year old NFL Player due to heart problems here. I doubt very much if the illness or almost death of Dumar Hamlin, will be blames on the NFL in anyway. First off the condition that happened to him, is a rarity in and ofitself in sports and in the NFL. When one plays the game of football one understands that you are taking a chance in the first place for it is a violent sport. Secondly, I believe it was a hidden condition Hamlin either did not know he had, or did know but woul dnot admit to, because it was his goal to play in The NFL. Now, I am not saying Hamlin hid the condition, I am saying this condition he suffered, is a rare one and is nota common occurance at all. The NFL did the right thing and did it as fast as possible, the equipment and ambulance needed and medical staff were present and kept Hamlin alive. I am sure The NFL and The Bufflao Bills Organizations are covering all the costs for his care now, as he slowly recovers, Hamlin will neve rplay football again in my opinion, the danger of someone with his conditions and what he has experienced now having it happening again are high. God Bless Hamlin and keep him alive and bring him back to health,

Yes I cover many subjects in my blogs on and off and i know sometimes it seems likea scattershot view of the world I present. When you get to a certain age, you have more time to listen to news of all kinds don’t you! LOL!

The world has changed in so many different ways in my lifetime. While the constants remain as standards the society in America goes up and down and changes always. The status of men and women go up and down with each generation of mankind it seems. We argue over who is the more dominant sex, who can hold what jobs, who has what options in life and why. We argue over common care and health for all, we argue over who has earned retirement or not, and so much more. In the end, are we not all equal, whether we are male or female, black, white, hispanic or asian? We all want the same things, to be able to stay healthy, to be able to earn our own way, to live peacefully and in the end, die in peace too. So tell me, why do we argue over the color of our skins, or the races we are part of, the answer is simple, we all want the same things in life, but we tend to blame others for not getting them. If you don’t get what you want, it is usually because you don’t press to go get it yourself, or you allow others to push or shove you aside and they take it. Do, yourself a favor folks, no matter what your age, color, race or anyother thing may be, never surrender, never give up and in the end go for what you wnat most that wil make you happy in life. If you don’t we only have so long on this planet, it is your own fault. Not everything is easy folks and the world and society competes at everything out there, make sure you do too, or you shall lose out. It’s just a bare fact all must face in the world and deal with each day.

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