Dating in the 60’s!

MLK Day is here, and soon enough I turn 67 years old, January is flying by. As the politics fly by, reports of documents and deaths and more, I wonder, whats next for me. I live alone in a 55 plus community, and as my sister said, don’t get involved with the women, they all talk, and it will spread like wildfire.

So I stay alone and try to get along on my own hoping to run into a decent woman somewhere up here. I play pool on Monday, evenings, bowl on Thursday evenings, and then chat online and have profiles on dating sites. But so far no real match, pretty women yes, but, not a match as of yet.

As we age, we tend to not know how to flirt anymore, or what to do once we become alone once more in life. I suffer from this daily. I never did learn to flirt, so as I age it is rougher for me to find women to date. I try dating sites like Zoosk, and OurTime and such, find some nice profiles chat and have dated two, but no fit as of yet. I guess it is a process, I have to live through. I hate phonies or people after just your money. It happens online always.

Look I hate complaining I really do, but, what the hell is this shit online. Ya chat, and pay for dating sites and you hit a wall, because people aren’t honest, open or trusting anymore in this world we live in. Why is it now, the best way to meet someone may be in taverns and bars, and everyone wants to drink? Is there anything else to do in this day and age? or are we now a society or drinkers and drunks? Or are we now a society that depends on dalcohol and drungs to interatact and get along. what is it?

Anyway trying to get back out there and find someone to spend quality time with at 67 years old soon, is not easy. People my age usually stay home and try to relax in the evenings and watch tv or read or go to friends or relatives for company. Stranger danger is a problem, and trust is a commodity few have anymore. Any relationship is built on trust, honesty, and then you have to navigate around assholes and covid too, It’s a tough world out there. As much as i love females, the requirements and demands they have these days can be frustrating to say the least, and the men do it also to themselves.

We are too judgemental and we don’t tend to understand no one is perfect, and we all have our faults and problems. We need to learn to compromise and make do. No person is perfecta nd we all make mistakes folks, learn it and make do.

Dating in todays, day and age is rough for all, but more so for those of us 55 and above. What we need is a more open mind and heart and some trust to give it all a try. Respect those you meet yes, be polite yes, but be realistic if your 55 plus and single. We have to realize we all have lived a life already and bring our own baggage with us forward. No one is perfect. Dating in the 2020’s era wil get more complicated and more fussy out of fear of covid, and more. If we sit back and do not open ourselves to possibilities there will always be lonely people out here !

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