Questions for the women of America!

Lets start easy ladies,

  1. Are you single, divorced or widowed and in the 55 plus category for women and straight?
  2. Do you like being alone and not dating?
  3. Are you looking for dates if you are 55 plus and female out there?

These are just a few of my starting questions I have for women of the world and especially in The USA!

Further Questions:

4) Being 55 plus and single, divorced or widowed, what do you look for in men?

5) Are you in bars, taverns or clubs, to meet men or elsewhere?

6) What qualities do you look for in men, that attracts you?

7) How important is sex to you, after 55 and up and is it vital for any relationship?

8) Do you seek companionship, or one night stands, or friends with benefits? Or Long Term Relationships?

9) How many dates does it take for you to believe you are in a relationship with a man?

10) Do you look for honesty?

11) Do you look for compassion, understanding, and loyality? if so, how much so?

12) What is the most important thing to you, about a relationship with a man?

13) Does covid affect your dating process and how?

14) How do you overcome covid and trust issues in your relationships?

15) Do you date from online dating sites, and do you find them reliable and good?

Lets start with these questions Ladies/ Women and see what your answers are, I am looking for honest answers here only, please do not get angry over the questions. The intention here is to learn something as a man and help others as well as you women, to understand what each side is seeking out here.

I live in Westborough, Ma., a sleepy small town. There are limited things to do here to meet the oppposite sex, so I would also like to know what or where to meet women 55 plus around here for fun times. I do walk some, I also play billards and bowl. So, what do the women all really like to do on dates? I know dinner is always good, but I want to know activity wise and not just pickleball please.

You can answer here on my blog page, or you can e-mail me, at with replies. If the answers are decent and not angry or outragious or mean, I will answer back, for discussion if you like. Just ask!

I hope to get some replies and to learn from this all, and help others also. Lets see if the women, will respond to honest questions! I will wait and see,

Bring it Women, let me hear you roar,so I may learn more.

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