Because, A poem!

Feb. 1st. 2023. Winter is still upon us here in Mass. and the temperatures will drop once more soon. I shall sit in my 956 sq. foot condo alone in the cold days and dream of the days when I had someone to cuddle to and keep warm. I miss the das when I had a good woman by myside to converse with, to laugh with, to cuddle to and enjoy one another, but, I also know in todays society and world, money drives everything and I am not rich. I have no money to buy love or sex, or even companionship, at times I can be grumpy like the old movie Grumpy Old Men, and at other times I can be fine and funny, It all depends on what is happening around me each day.


By William M. McCurrach

Feb. 1, 2023

Because I walk in silence,

I walk in peace,

Because I walk alone,

I do not need to search for peace.

Peace comes from the inner soul,

That part of you that makes you whole,

The comfort of being who you are,

No matter where you be, or how far.

Do not judge me and ask me why I am alone,

I may not be the only one alone.

I may not wish to be lonely and with no one,

But I am not a fool to fall and be used by someone.

Some want money, some want fame,

Some like to pay what I call mind games.

I prefer to avoid it all,

For I have lived loves and survived them all.

So I am asked why I have no girlfriend,

Or No lover in my life,

Because I am smart enough to not rush down,

Loves edge and get cut like a knife.

I prefer to stay free, and let things happen naturally,

And let the Good Lord make the choices for me.

I control not what my fate may be or even my destiny, but I do know i awake each day and try to just carry-on. We know not why the Good Lord put us upon this planet, but we do know we are here, for what reason, well, that only our lifetimes will tell us. I believe each of us are here on earth for certain things we do not understand, We are preprogrammed at birth to complete certain missions here on eartha nd when we complete those missions we get recalled to the Good Lord’s side. Life ends for all of us at some stage and we come to understand when it does that we have done all we can, and there is no more to do. We have no choice but to surrender to the ultimate fate of dying.

Fate, Destiny, whatever it may be, is it reall the truth of life for you and for me. I do not know, because i still am running on this world. Because i have no choice do I? No, I am stubborn, old, set in my ways and I shall continue to ne me day by day. I shall walk my own road, carry my own load, care for those i can and always be my own man. Isn’t that what life is about, being who you are meant to be, being you just because. You Tell me folks!

I do know, when I die my poems, stories and even my blogs will live online beyond my time. I know some will call them good and fine and some will say they are the worst of all time. I never have sought fame or fortune, so I write to let out what I feel, I hope over the ages and time, it will feel real to others too.

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