Lets stay free Americans!.

Americans, we stand for freedom, we stand for people’s rights to live and flourish. We extend our helping hand to countries in need like Ukraine and more. Yet we can nor and do not solve our own problems, somegow we let them linger and fester and they grow worse over time. We need to change the way Congress reacts and how we make them react, by being more careful who we put into the Congress, both the House and Senate.

Let me say this first and foremost, many may disagree with me, and many more will agree, the worst thing America ever did in recent history was elect Donald Trump President. His four year tearm utterly destroyed America in many ways, economically, politically and made the world laugh at us. Yes we need changes in political offices, yes we need changes in both the Senate and House, but how should Americans go about it all?

Number one in my book and mind is stop Donald J. Trump, from ever running for the Presidency again! He has so many legal issues and crimes he is accussed of it is crazy and getting worse. Look I know the Trumpers as they have begun to be called run around saying he was so good, he wasn’t. Congress wants to do something, Ban Donald J. Trump from the Presidential Ballots country wide period. Don’t allow this man to have the stage and cause an uprising again. What kind of man, denies his loss, and then causes a riot and destroys our capital and gets away with it? Why is he allowed to be walking free now, he should have been charged and indicted by now!

I know the wheels of Justice turn slowly and take time will be the major answer to the above question, but that has to change soon! Congress ran and hid from Trumpers because they feared for bodily harm and more on that January 6th. Yet they do not act to stop Trump from running again, it’s sad. Trump isa dangerous, violent man, spreading rheotoric and lies left and right and using groups for his own purposes. Please listen America, ot the next election will end in real coup!

Sadly, I don’t think Americans are as bright as they should be on the political front, and on these elections. But besides the lack of education levels in America, we still make the worst choices. Why is this? Why is it so easy for a man like Trump to run again after the destruction and upheaval he caused in our capital while President?

I would like to see, Trump charged legally for his actions and inactions as President leading to and including the January 6th attack and more. I want to see him, taken to court, and convicted, not as a candidate for president again! ON top of all that occured on January 6th, Trump took all kinds of secret documents with him, to his home, not legal action has happened there either,why?

Trump, should be made to pay for all damaged to governement properties on January 6th! He caused it and he caused it against the American People and while he was still in office. He did nothing to stop it either, as he sat and watched it on televison, feeding his face. Why hasn’t Congress acted to ban him from the Presidential Race in 2024? They are gutless and in my opinion worthless if they can not defend their nation by banning such a person from running again.

The young of America must stand up now and face these facts. They have tp make better choices and bring the country forward again and make it better for all. We don’t need Donald J. Trunp vs Joe Biden again! We need younger blood, for in the end Americans, it will be the ypoung who determine who wins or loses the next election. If I were once again just reaching voting age, I would go to the polls and my friends and do all I could to prevent Trump from winning again. The youth of America who can vote in Novemner of 2024, needs to start acting now, to prevent another major disaster like there was on January 6th. Move now, call your Senators, and Representatives, tell them to use the government powers they have to stop Trump being on the ballot. Make noise folks, scream, shout, rally, call and stop it before it happens again. Donald J. Trump does not have the right to run for President again, he already shamed and dishonored the office, don’t let him do so again! If Americans do not act and stop Trump, and he wins again, you may as well be ready to become a communist country! Lets stay free Americans!.

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