Gone From Me !

BY: William M. McCurrach -April 11th, 2023

Gone From Me!

It started out so slowly,

It was a simple dance you see.

We danced and we laughed and had a good time,

Then, we parted and restarted over a phone line.

The dance turned into romance,

We both knew we were taking a chance,

One day grew into another, and then,

Before we knew it, we were married my friend.

The days passed very quickly and so did the months and the years,

Now it is 28 years later, and she’s gone from me and I am in tears.

Yes, She’s gone, gone from me,

Gone, gone don’t you see.

Now I wander alone, all on my own, because she’s gone, gone, from me.

We both had our fun, we laughed and laughed and life went on,

We conversed and gave, loved you see, and now, she is gone from me.

A pain here and there she had, then suddenly it grew bad,

We fought for sixteen years, thru all the tears,

Now she is gone, gone, gone from me you hear.

Cancer is a nasty thing, It hit her and then me you see,

She thought I would be gone,

But, I am here and she is gone, gone, from me.

She is gone, gone from me,

I wander alone now don’t you see.

I have no idea what to do anymore, I know I can’t replace her thats for sure.

Sheis gone, gone , Gone from me. Gone from here.

How much longer before I join her, I don’t know and can’t see.

As I wander I know, it was her I loved so, But she is gone, gone, gone, from me.

Each day I remember the memories,

The hugs, the laughs and the kisses, the conversations and understanding,

But now she is gone, gone, from me.

Now she is gone, gone, gone from me.

When I will join her, I can not see, for I know not when my time will come for me.

She is gone, gone, gone from me. My heart holds on to her memory. I know, she is gone, gone, gone from me, I wander now, endlessly.

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