Election 2024, What is coming!

In the past, I had predicted Trump would be arrested for many reasons. Many told me I didnt know what I was talking about and the no law official would dare to charge hm. Well, now he faces not one case, not two cases but a total of six or seven cases, some local to states and some federal. DIfferent levels of crimes, from sexual harrasment and rape related to money laundering and payoffs and more.

I also wrote about Trump and what he did to people even before he ran for President. He lies and cons people left and right to make money and to keep himself promiment in people’s minds. He loves attention and he is basking in it once again. With at least six cases outstanding against him, he continues to run for President and if nothing else happens, he should be removed from the ballots in all states. The crimes he is accussed of committing range from defamation legal cases to federal charges for the documents he held in Mar a Lago after his term was up. Yey, he now sits as the top choice for Republicans to run for office again as President. Sadly, if the Republicans run him again, with all the legal cases against him, his chance to win is near about 0 percent. If Rump is the best the Republicans have then they need to rethink what they are doing and find someone else or get embarrassed.

I have written of how Trump lied about where his money came from, I remind all he inherited it from his father. He did not create it or earn it, what he did was expend it and cheat contractors out of millions by paying them pennies on their dollars. Then he failed at selling water, he failed at trying to crerate a college, and took people’s money. He failed at selling steaks, beieve it or not, look it up. Many didn’t believe HIllary Clinton when she said he was a puppet for RUssia and Putin, but he was and if he gets in office as President again it will happen again.

Then I hear of how much he accomplished as President, bullshit is all I can say, He Failed to build his wall. He did pass a tax plan that gave him and his fellow rich people back more money, but nothing for the average American you and I. Trump has run rampant over the laws of the land. He failed to do a damn thing about covid and stood on television and told people to drink bleach, what an idiot.

I am not a Trump fan at all, nor am I a believer in the so called woke movement. Why anyone would vote for Trump I have no idea. Sadly, they forget the six cases against him, the fact he is responsiable for the attack on Jan. 6th, and the documents that are top secret and secret he took home, Why, did he need them, what was he doing with them and who did he give them to or show them to. Now, many are saying well Pence took some home too and Biden too. Maybe they did but they did not hide them when asked to return them, did they?

When we add up the facts on Trump, why would any American with a brain still back him? His accussed crimes alone can put him in prison for the rest of his life. Start with the current 34 felonies in New York for the Hush Money payments. Then realize he only needs one out of those 34 to be proven and he becomes a convicted Felon.

Then look at the Jean Carrol case next, because Trump will have no choice but to testify in that case. Why because the Jury can inffer he is lying if he refuces and will judge him guilty by defaut, and it will be his own fault. If the top two cases do not convict him, then, just look at all that is coming next. I have heard the Republicans saying these are small cases and they belive Trump will win them, even if he does, he still faces many more charges. So, do the Republicans have any idea what they are doing supporting him. It’s like they are leaving the soft belly of their party open to full attack.

As to who will replace Trump if he drops out or is legally removed as a candidate, the Republicans, need to wake up and find someone stable, and it can’t be Pence either. Desantis some are saying is running, again legal matters may even stop him. The Republicans have a problem, for who do they have then? Time shall tell I am sure.

I of course have my own opinion on the 2024 Presidential Election. I believe both Trump and biden are too old to saty in the job. We need young blood in Office, we need a candidate that wil be smart effective, and able to handle the job, who it is, is yet to be determined, but I recommend both Biden and Trump are not the answer.

As a nation and world power America is having it’s problems. We need some answers and ways to stop econmic ruin. We need a leader who can turn the country around. Who it is I do not know, but, I do know America being led by men in their 80’s and high 70’s is wrong.

So, I ask all, if America wants to move forward survive and stay a power, who do we really need in the Presidency? Some will say Get Harris for the Democrats, no, she is not primetime ready for sure. As I said before, Pence is not the answer either folks. What America needs is a leader wo can avoid a recession, who can create jobs, and rebuild our reputation world wide. Who it is I have not seen as of yet, but I have faith in the America System and Democracy and our Republic! We are still the greatest nation on the planet, no one should attack us or our consitution, we were blessed by our forefathers.

I am 67 years old, I have seen Presidents come and go, since Ike, when I was born. Each President had their own reasons and logic and plan for America. None except one, Donald J. Trump, tried to change the election results, caused an inserection against their own administration, tried to overtrun election results and took documents to their home and refused to return them. No President except Trump has had to fight legal battles for things they did before or after their Presidency. No President called for their own Vice President to be hung publically! Sadly, Since the year I was born in 1956, America has grown and had it’s ups and downs for sure. Yet in the end I ask all Americans now, don’t you think we need fresh blood running for the Presidency? Yes age does matter folks, and with Trump being in his late 70’s and Biden in hos 80’s we must not find a candidate who is up to date and young enough to run this country.

As, I close this blog post, I asked all Americans, Don’t we need better choices for 2024, then a criminal in Trup and an ederly Biden to run this country? And yes age does matter, but, we need someone who can handle it all, and is healthy and not facing legal charges. The world is watching America to see what happens next! Lets do something right and find a candidate, that can handle it and make us proud again. Where should we turn for such a candidate, I do not know, but I do wish we can have a new one!

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