What I think about politics today!

There may have to be a realization that happens in America before the 2024 Presidential Election happens in my opinion at least and i think in others minds too. I think some people still believe Donald J. Trump is capable of winning the Presidency again, if so they need to reevaluate it and him too.

Recently I have been reading a book, Watergate A New History. Of course the question is what does Watergate and Nixon have to do with Donald J. Trump and 2024 right? Well, prior to Donald J. Trump Richard M. Nixon was rated one of the worst Presidents in American History, Some would say Nixon was the most corrupt President ever, I disagree now. There are somethings NIxon accomplished Trump would never have gotten done, Trump would have never opens Russia and China, he would never have taken us off the gold standard, he would never have stopped the Vietnam War either. Nixon had lots of accomplishments Trump has never come near. Nixon has experience and knowledge also. Now he strayed and became parinoid, which caused his entire downfall and WaterGate, I understand that. Yet I would take a Richard Nixon any dya over a Donald J. Trump.

Now, I have not been a Trump backer since the day he came down his escalator in Trump Tower to announce he was running for President, 2015. First I know New Yorkers, and they hated Trump before he even declared his candidacy in 2015. They explained to me that Trump is hated by the contractors who built his buildings, because he gave them pennies on the dollar in regards to the work and materials they supplied and did for him. Trump is hated in New York and he grew up there.

Trump has failed at so many things in his life it is crazy that anyone would vote for him. He failed at selling water, steaks, and more. He set up a Trump University Program it failed and he kept people’s money. He never paid it back either.

Trump failed as President to build his so called wall, and he passed a tax plan that helped himself and his rich conies is all. What else did he do as president, he made an ass of himself with Putin and Korea too. He was laughed out of the United Nations, he tried to speak, sounded like a fool. Covid hiot during his term in office and he failed to attack it properly and asked if Americans could drink bleach on tv, come on. Trump had 7 count them now 7 cases pending against him l;egally in the courts. Yet his follwers still think he can get reelected? No I think not!

What I want to know is why people are so fantrically following Trump and pushing him to run again? What has Trump done for these people, lets ask those who followed his instructions on January 6th. While they langish in jail cells in America and he sits in Mar A Lago eating steaks and playing golf. Ask those who listened to him and attacked the capital, how they feel about being in jail for something he told them to do. I think at some point the News Agencies on television and radio and papers should do a reexaimination of Trump and all he has done. Send a few reporters to talk to the people in those cells and ask them on air how they feel now? Their lives are ruined, because Trump told them to do it all.

As I look at the political horizon and the parties, Trump willo be too old to do the job anyway and so will Biden in my opinion. I believe new blood, younger is what is needed to run America now. We need candidates from both parties who are younger, smarter and more able than either of them. I know many will say I am crazy, some will say Trump can do it, no he’sa criminal in all ways, some will say Biden can run again, I say no, age is a factor here for sure.

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