Lines- we draw them!

Lines- There are lines in society, and human kind. The lines are by many clear and stuck to by many.
For Instance, Men and women, It is assumed men do things better than women, it is a lie. A woman can do whatever a man does just as well.
Politics- We have conservatives and liberals correct. while some views are different between the two parties, which is why they are labeled so in America and in it’s history, isn’t is also true both parties want the same things for america, freedom. a good economy, eductaion for all and more?
Lines are drawn between many things we as human being put in place, because we do not look beyond our own limited visions. There are no real lines between black, white oriental, or hispanics. We draw the lines, by our own racial views, which we have due to our own fears and hatereds.
As time goes forward in America, even with all of the lines we have drawn and try to ahere to, there is really only one way to stop evil, corruption or dangers from occurring causing them, unless all of us unite to do so as one race, the human race. Mankind has to unite to stop it all, and realize no one is better than the whole.
There is one clear line that all must face at one time or another in their lives, the line between good and evil, guilty and not guilty, always comes up does it not? One thing is clear, Americans muct come to realize, if you want a better nation, The Only Way, is to elect Presidents who are intelligent, logical, and who can work with others in Congress on both sides. If we don’t, do away with those with criminal records. illegal acts, we are hurting ourselves, at home and abroad. I have watched men become Presidents who should have never been and should never be, all because they found the words to divide us and get followers to follow them, who do not fully think out what they are doing.

Some lines that exist today, the Forefathers of America, did not consider or think or, they lived in a different era, and time. Yet the Forefathers of America did create the Constitution and it started witha simple phrase, We The People, In Order to Create a Perect Union. Remember it is we the people who must decide, how we wish to live, who we elect, whether we keep our freedoms or not. Ben Franklin on the day The Constitution was signed said it best, ” We shall have, a Republic only for as long as we the people maintain and adhere to it.”

When we the people, blindly follow corrupt individuals and elect them to office we are giving ourselves problems we do not need or wnat in America. We the People, our voting rights are vital to us all and we must use them with intelligence and be careful who we allow to run for office, how we listen to them, and in the end we must live with our choices also. For in the end you are asking men and women to accept the mantle of leadership, and counting on them to make the right decisions to keep food on our tables, jobs for us to work, hamoes over our heads and equal justice for all. Presidents are not Kings, they are not dictators, and we must also keep in mind they are human and all humanity makes mistakes. To avoid those mistakes, The Forefathers put in place three equal branches of Government here in America. They are to balance it and make it work for all the people, not themselves for financial gains, not for themselves and their cronies to benefit the rich, not to over look the poor either but for all the people. We must remember as time moves forward and mankind continues, our form of government is still the best the world has ever seen. It allows all to have a voice in it who live in America, no other country does that so well.

Lines-are drawn ladies and gentlemen, we must remember we draw them, we can tear trhem downa nd take them away also. I remind all of some simple facts, that human kind and all in the world should see. 1) Skin color is nothing but what we make of it. Stick your predijuce and discriminations up your asses. I don’t care if you are black, white, hispanic or oriental, we are all the same. We all wake up each mortning we are alive and want to achieve and survive in this world. We all wash our faces and brush our teeth, we all shower and dress or bath and dress or wash in someway. We all want to have the right to speak, eat and work. We all want our families safe, we all want the samethings, yet we are dumb enough to sit back and raw lines why? Please tell me why? Long ago way back in the 1960’s, when I wasa young boy, playing in my backyard in a project among a mixed neighborhood, I learned that, kindness knows no color, respect is wanted by all. I also learned that color, race, ethinicity means nothing, we build out own fears, our own predijuces and we learn to diecriminate. One simple act showed me that color didn’t matter, I wasa white child, I got stung by bee, while trying to capture one in a jar. I cried and was hurt, and a door opened anda black woman ran out to comfort me, and she put a mud pack on the sting and removed the stinger for me. She didn’t care if I was white, I didn’t care if she was black, it was an act of kindness all humankind is capable of and she did what she did on her own. I have never been predijuce nor do I discriminate, it was a lesson well learned thru an act of kindness.

LInes we draw in America include racial lines, political lines, lines of democrates vs republicans and independents too. We draw these lines no one else but, the human beings we are. We do so based on fears, issues, and lies. We must stop drawing lines, between political parties, colors, races, and unite, over being Americans. I had one person try to bad mouth a black person to me, once, my answer was not as a white man, or a black man or a hispanic or oriental, it was as a human being, I served my country for 16 years in three branches of service and I am a disabled veteran. It just happened to have occurred at a VA Hospital, and my response was simple, straight forward and honest, I don’t care what color his skin is, or what nationality he is, or what race, he served beside me, he did the same duties I did, and he did it for the same reasons I did. We believe in America, we beliive in protecting our rights, our families, our way of life. We did it side by side, so get out of my face with your predijuce or discrimination, or fears. Id efended America he did too and we can live side by side in peace, so stick it.

Lines are things we draw in humanity, and in my opinion, you should stick your lines where the sun don’t shine. Americans are Americans period. Yes we all have bad ones among us, no matter what color, ethinicity or race they may be, but, we are still humans. If you want proof look at the news, there are no lines drawn when killings happen. It doesn’t matte rif a killer is white or black, hispanic or oriental, we all cry for thiose who died, we all want laws to stop the killings and we all want justice for those we have lost. Lines, should not exist, this is not the 1800’s anymore, this is the present, lets be real. We all want to be raised in freedom, we all want educated, we all want tp provide and protect our familes. we all cry, bleed, laugh and want peace and equality. Break down the lines, the barriers, stop the nonesense and lets live.

Let me close with a subject that will probally cause many to get mad out here in America, but, it is based on facts. I personally do not like Donald J. Trump, or what he has done in his life. He has cheated contractors, he could not sell water, steaks and other items. He lied about where he got hois money and how he got so rich to all of us. Then in the end he instigated and started a rebellion against his own governemt while President. You can try to blame it on others if you must as one of his supporters, but do me a favor, go ask the Oath BOys, The Proud Boys who are not in jail what they think now, after they are convicted and serving time for what Trump told them to do. I hada discussion witha Trump supporter one day, who told me and I quote, Trump isa great man and president. I said really, what did he do for you? The man said He passed a tax plan. I said yes he did, did it benefit you or me. The man replied no. Then the man said he built the Wall between us and Mexico, I said no he didn’t, look on the news taday and watch the made rush of immigrants coming soon. Then I told this man, if Trump was so smart why did he tell America and ask Doctors why Americans can’t just drink bleach to kill Covid. Lol, you mean to tell me your great man, you voted for didn’t know Clorox is poison? Stupid, Now he face seven diffents cases in different courts and states for all he did on January 6th, before he left office. Are you seriously gonna still consider voting for this man for President again? Sad! I know, lines are being drawn right now in America, There are those who want to support Trump, but I ask one simple question, do you really want to elect a criminal to run the country we all live in? What kind of line are you drawing if you do so America? All kinds of lines in the world for sure as I have stated, but, for America, for our country, it’s soul, and it’s constitution and way of life, Do you really want to park yourself on that side of the line? Wake up, criminals never change, and it’s just a fact!

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